Legal Nurse News: Anchor, Reporter, & Author Robyn Walensky Scheduled to Speak at the Forensic Workshop in Las Vegas

Thursday, May 17, 2012

RN MARKET is proud to announce that Robyn Walensky will be featured as a guest speaker at the Forensic Workshop scheduled for June 23-24, 2012 in Las Vegas. Robyn is a National News Anchor for "The Glenn Beck Show," a frequent guest on HLN's "Nancy Grace Show" & "Jane Velez-Mitchell," a Crime & Terrorism Reporter for 20+ years, and the author of "Beautiful Life?" - The CSI Behind the Casey Anthony Trial & "Covering Catastrophe" Broadcast Journalists Report 9-11-01. Robyn's presentation will make a great addition to the Forensic Workshop because of her years of reporting, her work on the Casey Anthony case and her work on 9-11.

In addition to the great guest speaker, attendees of the Forensic Workshop are invited to attend a free cocktail party scheduled for June 22 at 8pm and will get free admission to the CSI Experience exhibit. The CSI Experience allows you to get a hands-on feel for what it's like to work in the field of Forensics. You get to solve a crime using your newly acquired Forensic knowledge; just like you see on the CSI television show.

The Forensic Workshop is perfect for those with no nursing or forensic experience, Legal Nurses who would like to add this training to their case analysis skills, those working for or who want to work for departments and agencies using forensic analysis, or those who would like to specialize in forensics. If you are a Legal Nurse, this training is a great addition to the services you offer your clients. In addition to medical record analysis, you can now offer forensic analysis of any crime scene evidence or data involved in a case. If you are interested in specializing in forensics exclusively, this workshop provides a solid foundation for your forensic education. Start now to gain the exciting forensic training you are looking for.

This opportunity has limited seating and is exclusive to RN MARKET. Register soon to ensure your seat!

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