By registering for or ordering the LNC STAT course or any other training or product on this Web site, you agree to the following:

Case Guarantee

The Case Guarantee is only available to those who meet the following requirements:

  • Must purchase the Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant (ALNC) or Expert of Medical Legal Specialties (EMLS) certification.
  • Must follow all marketing guidelines suggested by the LNC STAT Course when creating the Ultimate Marketing Tool Kit.
  • Must complete all days included with the LNC STAT course and maintain the ALNC or EMLS certification in good standing.
  • The Legal Nurse must send out 150 mail-out sets included in the Ultimate Marketing Tool Kit specifically following the instructions detailed in the included Instruction Manual.
  • The Legal Nurse must provide proof that all 150 mail-out sets were implemented and that the methods for use for each marketing tool included with the Ultimate Marketing Tool Kit were followed specifically by keeping a client database or log of all potential clients marketed to or contacted. The contact log must be maintained using the methods detailed in Chapter 25: "Developing & Managing Your Client Database" of "The Legal Nurse Marketing Handbook." Details included in the database or log must include names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, Web sites, dates of pre-calls, dates of mail outs, dates of post-calls, and names of people spoken to. RN MARKET reserves the right to verify your database or log entries with those listed.
  • If the Legal Nurse has sent 50 mail-outs from the Ultimate Marketing Tool Kit and followed all instructions for correct use without any response, the Legal Nurse must call RN MARKET for a mentoring session with Veronica Castellana or a qualified and designated mentor to see what they are doing wrong.
  • The Legal Nurse must have contacted RN MARKET for at least three mentoring sessions and must have spoken to a qualified and designated mentor.
  • If all Case Guarantee requirements detailed above are met and the ALNC still is unable to obtain a case, additional training will be provided by RN MARKET at no additional cost to the ALNC. Any additional training must be approved by RN MARKET's owner, Veronica Castellana. Additional training may include, but is not limited to, Case Strategies, the 2-Day Success Internship or the Private Internship. The actual additional training obtained will be determined only by Veronica Castellana and will be assigned in accordance with the weaknesses of the ALNC.

 Live Events / Regional Conferences

 All attendees must be approved to attend by RN MARKET/LNC STAT staff. If the customer has an active financing account, all requirements set forth by the financing agreement must be met and all payments must be up-to-date. No refunds are available for live events. If the customer is unable to attend an event that they registered for, a credit will be issued that may be used towards a future event of the same type. Any event scheduled by RN MARKET or for the LNC STAT course may be cancelled at any time. RN MARKET is not responsible for fees or expenses that are incurred as a result of that cancellation.

Training Completion Time Limit

The LNC STAT LNC Certificate has a time limit of six months. The LNC STAT ALNC Certification has a time limit of one year. The LNC STAT EMLS Certification has a time limit of two years. If the customer does not complete the training within the allotted time period, all rights to certification and all access to online training will be voided. The customer may contact the RN MARKET staff to request an extension to complete their training and earn their certification. RN MARKET staff may extended the time period at their discretion.

Refund Policy

Due to the irrevocable nature of its products and the trade secret techniques made available to the customer upon purchase, RN MARKET does not offer any refunds for any of its courses, workshops, certifications, marketing products, or marketing packages. If you are unable to attend a seminar date that was already reserved, you will receive a credit to be used towards any other course date or home study course, depending on availability. This policy is necessary because of the small sizes of each seminar. When you reserve a seat, you prevent others from getting that seat. If you cancel at the last minute, it is more difficult to fill the seat. If you place a deposit for any live seminar but do not pay in full by the due date, you will forfeit your deposit.


All certifications, courses, marketing and educational materials are NON TRANSFERABLE. Regardless of who paid for the educational materials, services, or marketing, only nurses can be considered a customer. Only the named nurse can use the products, services, certifications, and educational materials offered by RN Market.


All certifications are issued and owned by LNI Institute, Inc. All certifications issued by LNI Institute, Inc. are to be represented by the Standards of Practice associated with that certification. LNI Institute has the right to revoke or deny any certification due to misconduct, irresponsible behavior or failure to adhere to the accepted Standards of Practice.

Standards of Practice

By purchasing the LNC STAT course, you agree to adhere to the ALNC/EMLS Standards of Practice.

Educational Content Copyrights

RN MARKET reserves all rights under law. No part of any educational material produced by RN MARKET may be reproduced or shared with any other party, written or electronically, without written permission from Veronica Castellana of RN MARKET. Only the purchasing party shall have the rights to utilize any teaching material and content, including all text and video included with the LNC STAT course or any other course taught by RN MARKET.

Ultimate Marketing Tool Kit

  • Delivery of Service: All orders are processed and completed in the order they are received. Processing time will also depend on customer response time. RN MARKET does not give any guaranteed date of completion on any work. This includes any written, printed, designed, or Web site material. You will be notified when the printing or design process has begun and when your material has been sent. Accounts that are incomplete due to customer inactivity or lack of response from the customer will lose their production rights; no refunds will be given. A $250 reactivation fee may be paid to continue production for an additional 6 months.
  • Proofs: A set of samples called proofs will be sent to you for your approval. These proofs are intended for you to approve before the final print job is started. If you find a problem or would like to make any changes to the samples, you may notify us and we will make the required adjustments. This includes any additions, revisions, or typographical errors. After the requested changes have been made you may be sent another set of sample prints at your request. You are allowed up to three designs and up to three modifications to your chosen design. If you require no proof reprint, final processing will begin.
  • Custom Designs: Custom designs are designed to your specifications with your preferences. You are allowed up to three designs from which to choose your favorite. After choosing your favorite, you are allowed up to three modifications to your chosen design. Designs that you request that are additional to your three allotted designs will require a fee of $75 per hour. You may include any prefabricated material such as logos or images in your design. The logo design and theme that is approved by the client for final processing will become the copyright of that client.
  • Text: The text created for the Ultimate Marketing Tool Kit is based on research and is proven to be effective. The layout and wording has been perfected and is what we suggest as a marketing company to be the most effective. If for any reason you feel that you need to modify the text, update the Microsoft Word files sent for your approval and email them back to us. We may make suggestions as a courtesy. However, the first set of samples is what we suggest to be most effective. Any changes to layout, format, or wording may hinder the effectiveness of the marketing materials and is highly discouraged. All formats, wording and layouts employed to create your Ultimate Marketing Tool Kit text are copyrighted by RN MARKET.
  • Final Print Errors: Before printing your final product, you are required to give a final print confirmation. RN MARKET will not take responsibility for any errors other than those made by RN MARKET. Any errors found on your final printed material are your responsibility if the error is present on the proofs when you give your final print confirmation. Any errors found may be corrected and reprinted at an additional cost to you. RN MARKET requires that you give your final print approval on any print materials. This approval means that you have checked the design and text for any errors, changes, or typos and agree that there are no changes and that materials are ready for print. RN MARKET is not responsible for any requested changes not applied after your final print approval is submitted.
  • Web Sites: Web sites created by RN MARKET are not guaranteed any specific number of responses, hits, or visits. Your Web site is created after all printed products are complete and will include the design and text printed on your marketing materials. The Web site will expire exactly one year after purchase date and can be renewed for an additional fee. It is your responsibility to keep track of the renewal date and contact RN MARKET for renewal. Expiration notifications may be sent to the customer as a courtesy but is not a required duty of RN MARKET. If a domain name expires, a recovery fee of $100 may be charged to recover the domain name. Custom Flash animation or additional programming is not included in any package.
  • Domain Name Transfers: You can have your domain name transferred to or away from RN MARKET at any time. RN MARKET will not modify hosting nameservers or DNS information to allow control by another party. In order to resume control over a current RN MARKET Web site, RN MARKET requires that the domain name be transferred away from RN MARKET's control and new hosting is implemented by a hosting company other than that affiliated with RN MARKET. Once the domain name is transferred, hosting with RN MARKET will be cancelled. In order for RN MARKET to release your domain for transfer, we must receive authorization from the client and the receiving registration company must initiate the transfer.
  • Rush Orders: You can request that production of your Ultimate Marketing Tool Kit be rushed at any time. This will give your order priority above all other regular orders but behind any orders rushed before yours. There is an additional fee of $150 for rushing your order. This rush fee still does not guarantee any date of completion. It only gives you priority over other non-rushed orders. Contact us for more details. You may also request express shipping. To get express shipping, you will be charged the difference between the express charges and the regular charges.
  • Payment & Refunds: Final printing of material, final processing or Web site publication will not be completed until all services are paid in full. Only after your payment has been received and has cleared will your material be printed or your Web site published. In addition, no refunds will be given for any service or product purchased. If at any time you are unsatisfied with your sample proofs, notify us in writing within 10 business days and we will revise the material to your specifications.
  • Copyrights: RN MARKET reserves all rights under law. No part of any material produced by RN MARKET may be reproduced, written or electronically, without written permission from Veronica Castellana of RN MARKET. Copies may be made for review and personal reading purposes of the purchaser only. Any material created by RN MARKET may be utilized to benefit the company. This includes but is not limited to utilization of content created in the Ultimate Marketing Tool Kit for examples, promotions or displays. Copyrights apply to all teaching materials, videos, graphic design or written content produced by RN MARKET or any product produced for any client. When purchasing the Ultimate Marketing Tool Kit, all design copyrights are issued to the purchaser. However, all text, text formatting, marketing techniques or strategies, and layouts included with the Ultimate Marketing Tool Kit remain copyright of RN MARKET and may not be reproduced by anyone other than the purchaser of the Ultimate Marketing Tool Kit for the purpose of marketing their medical-legal services. If the Ultimate Marketing Tool Kit is not purchased, design copyrights may be purchased from RN MARKET in the form of a compact disc containing files of the purchased material.

Success Rate Criteria

Every Legal Nurse can get a case as long as they don't give up before reaching that goal. The Success Rate displayed on this site may have a variance of up to ±5% at any given time. Only Legal Nurses who meet the following criteria are included in those statistics:

  • The Legal Nurse must have completed the Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant (ALNC) Certification program or the Expert of Medical Legal Specialties (EMLS) Certification program.
  • The Legal Nurse must have purchased the Ultimate Marketing Tool Kit.
  • The Legal Nurse must have followed all guidelines and suggestions recommended by LNC STAT and RN MARKET throughout the process of developing the Ultimate Marketing Tool Kit, and while implementing the Ultimate Marketing Tool Kit to market to attorneys.
  • The Legal Nurse must have applied and adhered to the principles and methods included with the ALNC Certification or EMLS Certification program.
  • The Legal Nurse must have sought mentoring from LNC STAT if they had trouble getting their first case.
  • If the Legal Nurse did not receive at least one paid case, they must be able to supply proof to LNC STAT that they applied and adhered to the principles and methods included with the ALNC Certification or EMLS Certification program, and utilized all of the tools included with the Ultimate Marketing Tool Kit.

Solicitation Consent

Any user who submits their contact information on this site understands that they will regularly receive future solicitations and product information via email, phone, and/or text message. The user may unsubscribe from those messages at any time by following the instructions included with the message, or by contacting LNC STAT.

Disputes & Disagreements

Florida law shall apply to any remedies and/or disputes related to our agreement. The only venue for any legal action shall be Hillsborough County, Florida.