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About the LNC STAT Course and RN MARKET

The LNC STAT course is owned and operated by RN MARKET. Veronica Castellana founded RN MARKET in 2002 and began offering the LNC STAT course in 2005. From the beginning, the approach has been different. It was created using modern techniques developed and employed in Veronica's Legal Nurse Consulting practice. Today, the LNC STAT course leads the industry in modern Legal Nurse Consulting techniques and has the high success rate of its nurses.

The LNC STAT philosophy is to focus on the success of its nurses. While many organizations often fall short of this dedication, RN MARKET and the LNC STAT course have this goal in sight all times. We ensure that every graduate has the tools they need to find Legal Nurse success. All they have to do is put what they learned to work.

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  • November 28, 2018 - "2018 Nurse Satisfaction Survey Results" - Click Here
  • January 18, 2017 - " - The Redesigned Site for Nurses Who Want to Expand Their Career." - Download

About Veronica Castellana, RN, BSN, ALNC, EMLS

Veronica Castellana
Veronica Castellana

Veronica is the owner of RN MARKET and is the creator and instructor for the LNC STAT course. She has spent the last years working directly with attorneys in her own successful Legal Nurse Consultant practice. The tools and techniques she teaches in the LNC STAT course are still used in her practice today. Her methods have been proven time and time again in her practice and by nurses who have used her system to find Legal Nurse success.

Author of Over 58 Books

Veronica's accomplished list of medical-legal related publications is impressive. She is behind nearly every book or manual included in the LNC STAT course and continues to add more publications to her list of achievements.

Practices What She Preaches

The LNC STAT course is based directly from Veronica's thriving Legal Nurse Consulting practice; therefore, you know that her techniques are current and proven to be effective.

A Qualified Expert

Veronica's medical and legal expertise is expansive. Her experience as a Registered Nurse and as a Legal Nurse Consultant has provided her with a unique skillset that can be very useful in many situations. In her spare time, Veronica enjoys blogging about wine. Her extensive expertise on wine easily affords her the right to call herself a "Wine Snob".

Experienced in the Hardships of Nursing

Veronica has battled a generous dose of hardship to get where she is today. After suffering a career-ending latex allergy, she faced threats of foreclosure while simultaneously enduring divorce and the death of her mother. When Legal Nurse Consulting provided some light at the end of the tunnel, she was forced to face the fact that the Legal Nurse Consulting certification that she completed did not teach her the skills that she needed to work as a Legal Nurse. After years of trial and error while refusing to give up, she developed her own methods that worked much better.

Dedicated to Her Nurses

When she realized how effective her system was, she could not wait to share it with other Legal Nurses who received insufficient training. Her goal is to ensure that no other nurse experiences the same hard road as she was forced to follow. Veronica works diligently to ensure that nurses receive the appreciation that they deserve and insists on personally working one-on-one with nurses who are seeking better career opportunities in Legal Nurse Consulting. She lives for her nurses!

Available for Public Appearances

Veronica is a veteran public speaker and makes multiple public appearances per month to teach and promote Legal Nurse Consulting. Contact Veronica for your next speaking, public appearance, television, or radio engagement.

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