Legal Nurse Consulting News: Your Life is on Standby

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Top Three Obstacles Why Some People Never Reach Their Full Potential1. Excuses, excuses, excuses2. Self-doubt and fear3. Lack of Commitment Life's Lesson: Create a VisionAssess, Analyze, Plan, Believe, Execute, EvaluatePlay That HandSo you've experienced hardship in your life, obstacles that you have to overcome. You've placed your life on standby. Not everybody is handed a perfect deck of cards to play the game. It is the dealer's job to slip you at least one card of anguish. Just to let you know, everybody is dumped on; you are not the only one. Be prepared that life is not always going to run smooth. There are going to be times when you will have sweaty palms. Your adrenals are going to induce those fight or flight responses. You are going to feel nervous, uncertain and question what the right move may be. You need to stay calm and focus on playing the hand that is going to deliver you to the next level. Folding is not an option. What are you going to do with the hand that you have been dealt? Concentrate. You know you want to win the that hand!Create a vision. Assess the situation, analyze it, plan how you are going to execute it, believe in what you want to happen, execute your plan by putting it into action, and when it is all over, evaluate your outcome and start all over again with assessment.Life's Lesson: The barrier is in your mind; reach for your dreams. You can start over at any age, young or old. Set Goals and believe in yourself.Swim with the SharksI speak to many people throughout my business day and I notice who the players are, who I can count on, who can get the job done, and who to ask for advice. To be a woman who runs her own business, you have to have substance. You're playing with the heavy hitters. In fact, you are maneuvering in a man's world and commanding respect from lawyers directing them to step aside and let the professional nurse handle it. If you are wimpy, do not apply; you will be eaten alive. They don't call them sharks for nothing!Life's Lesson: Get a Fan ClubSurround yourself with people who are going to support and encourage you.Develop relationships with people with common interests and goals.Network.Swim with the Sharks!

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