Legal Nurse Consulting News: How Legal Nurse Consultants can Exhibit at Attorney Conferences

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Below are some key things for Legal Nurses to remember when exhibiting at any conference.

1.It is ideal to have a large professional display banner with your company name and logo on top or in front of your table that is easily recognizable to the room.

2.A PowerPoint presentation set-up at your table is a very modern and professional way to show your product or services to a busy room.

3.Ask where your table will be in the room so you can request a better spot if possible and how many people are expected to be exhibiting and attending.

4.Ask what exactly is provided at the conference to know what you will have to bring with you (tablecloth, extension cords, chair, etc...).

5.If possible purchase promotional items to advertise your business. Pens, small water bottles, nail files, highlighters, pocket calendars, reusable shopping bags, are all reusable items that will have your client looking at your items more than once after they leave the conference.

6.Have a drawing for a Visa gift card, gift card to a nationwide chain restaurant, or any other item of your choice. This will bring people to your table. Have them fill out an entry form or drop in a business card for the prize. Once they enter, you will then have all of their contact info to use for future mailings, or email advertisements.

7.If the drawing is not something you are interested in doing then have a fun game such as golf or trivia to allow the people to win a prize. This is always a good way to get a crowd involved.

8.Brochures and Marketing materials are a must. You need to look professional and organized to attract people to your table and your services. A custom-made logo and marketing materials will make it clear to your client as to what you can do for them and why they need you for their cases. Have something ready that they can take with them other than just your business card.

9.Any type of candy, chocolate or bottled water will attract people to your table. There may be an additional cost, but one thirsty person may end up giving you your next big case!

10.Do not sit down behind your table. Make sure you are standing and ready to greet any potential client that has shown interest in your table.

11.Arrive early to set up your table. You don't want to start off giving a bad impression by scrambling to get ready.

12.If you are having employees help at your booth, request that they are dressed professionally or in some uniform way so they are easily recognizable as part of your team. Make sure they can easily answer any questions and provide help to anyone that needs it.

13.Have fun! Exhibiting is a wonderful way to network with your future clients and others in your field. It can provide you with a personal touch that can really get your foot in the door for your next cases. Exhibiting can become expensive. It is important to be ready to work your magic and take advantage of the opportunity exhibiting can provide.

If you like this information, check out the 2010 Indulge Conference home study where Veronica explains, in detail, how to exhibit at attorney conferences. If you are planning on exhibiting at an attorney conference, call us at 866-933-2562 to learn about how our Ultimate Marketing Tool Kit, Display boards, PowerPoint presentations, and web sites will make you look great at a conference.

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