Legal Nurse Consulting News: Help the People and Businesses Affected by the Gulf Oil Disaster

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Over 200 million gallons of oil flowed into the Gulf between April and July, 2010. The aftershock of this disaster will affect the wildlife, communities, businesses, and people for years to come. It is the worst oil spill in the history of the U.S. In an already struggling economy, jobs are being affected throughout the coastlines of Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida.

The industries most affected during such disasters are:
•Commercial Fishermen
•Fish & Tackle Stores
•Bait Shops
•Sportfishing Tour Operators
•Restaurants and their Employees
•Shipping Industry Workers
•Port Workers
•Pleasure Craft Operators and Maintenance Workers
•Private Recreation Facility Workers
•Park and Recreation Workers
•Cruise Ship Workers
•Shipyard Workers

Tests are being run by organizations and universities all over the country to verify the long term affects on our ecosystems in the Gulf. Workers handling the clean-up are having side effects. There are reports of headache, skin rash, burning eyes, sore throat, nausea, and dizziness which are believed to be caused by the dispersants, a chemical rain meant to stop oil slicks from forming and break down crude oil quicker. Over 800,000 gallons of dispersant have been sprayed in the Gulf since April 2010. The potential for the dispersants to enter the food chain and the effect it may have on humans is unknown. BP has taken it upon themselves to conduct an unprecedent, large and aggressive experiment on our oceans.

Lawyers are aggressively investigating cases at hand. They are researching anyone who suffered physical, economic, or property damages. Lawyers will be using Product Safety Specialists and Legal Nurse Investigators to secure these cases. This tragic accident will be creating cases for years to come. The types of property damages being evaluated are: Real Property Damage, Personal Property Damage, Personal Injury, and Lost Profits and Earnings. Product Safety Specialists will be focusing on the jobs, people, and properties affected by the BP oil spill. Legal Nurse Investigators will be working on the investigations involving BP's safety violations and what could have prevented this terrible disaster. The Department of Justice, 'expects it may sue BP'. If this happens, lawyers will need scientific and economic expert testimony.

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