Legal Nurse Consulting News: Attend the New York LNC STAT Seminar at No Cost

Thursday, April 01, 2010

When You Order the LNC STAT Home Study at Regular Price - Valid Until April 16, 2010

Save $600 with this limited-time special! Attend the live LNC STAT seminar in New York at no cost after ordering the LNC STAT Home Study at regular price. Complete the home study course then take advantage of the opportunity to work with Veronica face-to-face in a live seminar and learn the secrets to Legal Nurse success that she uses in her Legal Nurse business.

When it comes to business, New York is a fun and exciting place to be. The atmosphere found in the 'City that Never Sleeps' is perfect if you are thinking about transforming your career. Learn the exclusive techniques for success that were developed by RN MARKET and are in use today by Veronica, the course creator, and Legal Nurses around the world who have completed this course.

Register now before you miss another great opportunity to transform your career. This offer is only available to those purchasing any package that includes the full LNC STAT Course and is not valid for past orders.

Last Chance Pricing

This year, RN MARKET will be going through a lot of changes. These changes may completely transform the way most people look at Legal Nurse training and certification. These changes are so new and exciting, that they are still Top Secret! However, we can say that after eight years, there will be a price increase.

If you are interested in taking the LNC STAT course and would like take advantage of the current prices, you may want to order as soon as possible. The prices will be increasing without notice and no old prices will be honored. Only those who have started the LNC STAT course already will be entitled to old pricing.

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RN MARKET News features Legal Nurse Consulting related articles written by Veronica Castellana, Ryan Sanchez, and other guest writers. Veronica is the LNC STAT course creator and is a currently practicing Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant. Her training tools and techniques have resulted in some of the most succesful Legal Nurse Consultants in the world. She is now the leader in Legal Nurse success. Ryan is the Director of Marketing for RN MARKET and the LNC STAT course. His valuable expertise helps nurses to realize their true potential and value in the field of Legal Nurse Consulting.