Legal Nurse Consulting News: 2010 Indulge Conference for Nurses: Tampa, FL

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Since RN MARKET prides itself on keeping the learning experience personalized with smaller class sizes, the 2010 Indulge Conference in Las Vegas sold out pretty quickly. However, many nurses still wanted to attend. Therefore, two Indulge Conferences will be held in two locations for those who couldn't make the first; one in Las Vegas (which has already past) and another in Tampa, Florida. Register now before the next 2010 Indulge Conference sells out as well!

This Year’s Theme is “10 Ways in 2010 to Attract More Attorney Clients to You.” Veronica, Ryan and Lindsay will be available for personal attention on what you need most and to help with any problems you may have.

Attendees Will Receive:
1) Free: 100 Printed Business Invitations ($175.00 value)
2) Free: 100 Printed Newsletters ($250.00 value)
3) Free: 25 Thank You Cards ($25.00 value)
4) Free: Press Release
5) Free: List of Attorney Names in Your Area
6) Free: Attorney Conference List
7) Free: DVD of Pamela Graham: Researching Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs), State Statutes, State Administrative Codes, Legislative and Facility History to Enhance your Case Presentation (Presented in Las Vegas, NV)

Some Topics Include:
1) How to Exhibit at Attorney Conferences
2) How to find Legal Nurse jobs in your area
3) How to Create Your Own Email Newsletters
4) How to Advertise Effectively in Print Media

Indulge Conference for Nurses Info & Registration

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