Four Effective Forms of Marketing for Legal Nurse Consulting

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our last couple of newsletters have been about marketing and thanks to all the positive feedback, we have decided to stick to the marketing theme for the rest of the month! Here is Veronica's opinion of the Four Most Effective Forms of Marketing for nurses in business.1. Networking2. Direct Mail Marketing3. Web Site4. ReferralsFirst, networking with others that you know that can possibly get you leads is the way to start marketing for your business. Bringing your business cards everywhere you go and casually letting others know what form of business you are in can get you in the right place at the right time. You would be surprised at the connections that you will make and the responses you will get from others.Once you have your marketing packet professionally made, actually mail them out. Some people skip this step. Direct mail marketing works. Follow-up with a phone call, this is the most effective marketing advice that Veronica believes in. If your marketing items are in a large envelope instead of a smaller one, someone will open it and someone will glance at the words. Have you ever thrown out a large envelope that you received without at least opening it up first to see what's inside?Another form of marketing that works is having a website professionally made. Websites help to project your professional image and should contain the same information that is in your marketing materials. You also need to include contact information, your products or services, and be sure to have a mailing list.Once business starts flowing in, you can ask those with whom you have done business with to refer you to others that they think could utilize your products or services. When someone likes the products or services that they are receiving, they tend to tell others and then you are in business. Referrals are effective marketing tools to get more business.

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