A Legal Nurse Consulting Marketing Plan that Works

Thursday, May 20, 2010

RN MARKET started marketing for nurses by helping them create their letter of introduction and brochure. Then RN MARKET came up with another way to market. How did we do it? First, Veronica sat in an office that was occupied by four attorneys. She watched them open their mail for two weeks. They thought she was nuts! And while that is debatable, she still sat there and watched. She found that for Legal Nurse Consultants to have effective marketing tools, she would need to know what attorneys thought was effective by watching reactions and looking at what they kept, looked at, and threw away. Here are some of her observations: 1. Quality paper is important2. Color is important 3. Large envelopes are better than small ones4. Presentation is important5. Bulleted items and less words or paragraphs are read more6. Their name does not need to be on it (they already assume everything has their name on it already)7. They don't like to turn, open, flip or read the back of anythingHere is Veronica's conclusion: The Ultimate Marketing Package. Veronica came up with the Ultimate Marketing Package as a new way of marketing. She has not received ANY 'bad' feedback from anyone. Almost every nurse who has come to her for marketing has purchased the marketing package. It works.However, one of the nurses did come back with a 'complaint,' and you know who you are. After mailing-out the Ultimate Marketing Package, she immediately received three cases from an attorney and called Veronica up and said, 'It's all your fault! Now what do I do? I have cases!' But of course, Veronica mentored her and helped her get on track with her cases. She now has a thriving Legal Nurse Consulting business!

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Veronica Castellana Veronica Castellana

RN MARKET News features Legal Nurse Consulting related articles written by Veronica Castellana, Ryan Sanchez, and other guest writers. Veronica is the LNC STAT course creator and is a currently practicing Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant. Her training tools and techniques have resulted in some of the most succesful Legal Nurse Consultants in the world. She is now the leader in Legal Nurse success. Ryan is the Director of Marketing for RN MARKET and the LNC STAT course. His valuable expertise helps nurses to realize their true potential and value in the field of Legal Nurse Consulting.