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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Last month Jeff and I returned from a business trip to London. We had been commissioned to write an article for a Medical Legal Journal and an article for an international newsletter on Legal Nurse Consulting. We traveled to London to conduct further research and interview some solicitors (attorneys) for the writings. We also met with several information security firms to determine how best Legal Nurses should protect themselves and their work product when consulting in the United States and the United Kingdom.During the fact-finding mission, many nurses and solicitors were impressed with how Legal Nurses were trained to analyze medical records and assist in legal cases. They have been using doctors to consult on their medical legal cases, and have never considered using the consulting skills of a nurse, besides cases that involve nurse negligence. It was a new and innovative idea for them to consider changing the way they consult on cases.When we returned from our trip we completed the articles and turned them in. The article for X Pro was published and the response has been immediate. We have been asked to write additional articles, which we are working on now. The second article has had the best response so far. The Medical Legal Journal that is publishing the article has asked Veronica to write an ongoing blog about the daily events in her life as a Legal Nurse! The United Kingdom will be able to keep up with Veronica's cases and the exciting events that are occurring at RN Market. Technology is enabling the U.K. to learn about Legal Nurse Consulting at a record pace, as they will have interactive capabilities with the blog article. Nurses from around the world can comment and ask Veronica questions directly through this blog. Undoubtedly, many doors will be opening for the Legal Nurse as a direct result of the writings for these two publications. Stay tuned to hear about new cases and new opportunities that are coming up for us in the next year.

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