Legal Nurse Consulting News: The Last Word

Friday, May 22, 2009

Veronica was in a difficult place when she began practicing as a Legal Nurse. She had just been diagnosed with a latex allergy, which prevented her from working as a nurse in the ER. Her mother had terminal cancer and Veronica was in the process of getting a divorce. She needed to change the direction of her life, and she did it. She became a Legal Nurse and the rest is history.

What is going on in your life?
Family commitments?
Raising your family?
Out of work?

One of our teams of Legal Nurses was in a similar situation. They had taken another Legal Nurse course, and were unable to get any cases. They tried for about six months, and, when they were about to declare bankruptcy, then called Veronica. They took the LNC STAT class, and began to work hard. Now, several years later, they have:

Successfully bid and won a famous set of class action lawsuits (we can not disclose the name until they are settled)
Settled the landmark Zyprexa cases
Established themselves with several of the most prominent class action law firms in the US
Have 59 nurses working under them in their company
One of the most successful Legal Nurse teams currently practicing in the US

These days Veronica is pretty busy. She has just finished her second article for the Medical Legal Journal in the UK. This publication is educating many regions of Europe about the Legal Nurse career field. She is also preparing to shoot a television show about her life story and RN Market during the July Indulge Conference. All of this has occurred because Veronica made the decision to increase her skills and work hard to be a success.

The name of the most recent article was 'The Last Word.' Ask any of our nurses why Veronica named it that, and they will most likely reply, 'because it's the last course I had to take before I became a successful Legal Nurse.'

The next steps to take are very easy....
1. Don't put it off any longer!
2. Choose your learning method: Online classes, DVD, iPod, Live class
3. Call RN Market today or book online: 1-866-933-2562 or

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RN MARKET News features Legal Nurse Consulting related articles written by Veronica Castellana, Ryan Sanchez, and other guest writers. Veronica is the LNC STAT course creator and is a currently practicing Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant. Her training tools and techniques have resulted in some of the most succesful Legal Nurse Consultants in the world. She is now the leader in Legal Nurse success. Ryan is the Director of Marketing for RN MARKET and the LNC STAT course. His valuable expertise helps nurses to realize their true potential and value in the field of Legal Nurse Consulting.