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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

According to the University of Illinois Extension statistics, first impressions are formed within seconds of meeting someone new. It breaks down to these three main factors;

55% Appearance and Body Language
38% Tone of Your Voice
7% What You Say

We have been hearing some feedback from attorney-nurse interviews, and wanted to pass that information along to you. The first impression is critical to be able to impress the attorney and assure him or her that you are competent, efficient and able to help them understand their medical-legal cases.

Donít Wear Your Hospital Scrubs
The Legal Nurse needs to dress for the part you want to be hired for. In other words, do not arrive to the interview in your scrubs, or other hospital attire. Failing to do so may send a message to the attorney that you donít have time management skills to complete the task of dressing for an interview. Consequently, he or she may think that perhaps you do not have time to work effectively on the cases either.

Be Completely Organized
Nothing is worse during an interview than not being able to find the report you are talking about with the attorney, or having to shuffle through papers and notes to present your SmartDraw illustrations. When Veronica presents herself to an attorney, she uses a presentation folder that has a large label with her company logo on it. It looks extremely professional and put together, and shows the attorney that her company is to be taken seriously. Her label has the design that matches her business cards and company design. This type of presentation gets results, and has been utilized by Veronica over the years after many trial and errors of other ways to present your information.

Presentation Folder
(100 count with shipping, various colors): $190

Large Presentation Labels
(252 count, printed with Logo and shipping): $70

Nothing to be Nervous About
By controlling your body language, you can appear more self confident and relaxed. Many nurses are extremely nervous when meeting with the attorney, when they should be happy and excited to be meeting with their next potential case. Smiling, without being silly, is one of the best ways to break the ice and let your own personality shine through. Be aware of your body language. Do you tend to pick at your nails? Do you get itchy when you are nervous? When meeting with the attorney, be fully present in that moment. Put the distractions in your life out of your mind. Sit slightly foreword on your chair and have both feet on the floor. If you need to, you can cross your ankles, and remember to keep good eye contact.

If you would like help with your interviewing skills, th LN STAT certification course offers interactive interviewing practice to hlp you build your confidence. Also available are Live One-On-One Internships with Veronica.

LNC STAT: Advanced Legal Nurse Consultat Certification: June 8-12, 2009
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