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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

According to recent research, there are over 2.5 million U.S. citizens that call nursing homes or a residential care facility homes. Many of the individuals who take shelter in these establishments are unable to care for themselves due to some sort of disease or mental instability. As a result, these individuals are completely dependant on nursing home and resident care facility staff for their general well being. Research by the Atlanta Long Term Care Ombudsman Program found in a survey that 44 percent of the residents in a nursing home or residential care facility were the victim of abuse. The types of abuse that do occur include punching, slapping, kicking, rough handling, and excessive use of physical restraints. Consequently, most reports indicate that nursing home abuse is a growing problem and will only get worse in the future as the Baby Boomers age and are living in these facilities.

There should be strong demand for nurses who have the ability to investigate these heinous acts. Additionally, Legal Nurses who have worked in the nursing home and residential care industry should find an abundance of cases relating to this area. These nurses already have gained some of the knowledge and experience required to identify, investigate and put an end to the abuse. However, before any nurse starts investigating nursing home abuse they should obtain the Certified Legal Nurse Investigation certification. Obtaining the CLNI designation will not only prepare you to investigate nursing home abuse but will also give you valuable credibility with your future clients. The CLNI course will teach you the necessary interviewing and investigative techniques needed to solve these cases.

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