Legal Nurse Consulting News: Latex Allergy Awareness

Friday, May 08, 2009

Most of RN MARKET's clients know about Veronica's hypersensitivity to natural Latex. However, Veronica is not the only one dealing with this type of hypersensitivity to natural Latex. According to the American Latex Allergy Association, 8-17% of healthcare workers and 68% of children with spina bifida and people undergoing multiple surgeries are allergic to natural Latex. That totals less than 1% of the general public in the US. However, that 1% is about 3 million people. These statistics are outdated but that is still a pretty significant amount of people to suffer with this allergy. Yet, nothing has been done by lawmaking bodies. Current statistics would show more people suffering from this allergy. Many Latex allergy cases still go undiagnosed. Because RN MARKET's clientele is healthcare industry workers, a large majority of those clients suffer from the same type of allergy as Veronica.

Because of the large number of people getting severe reactions to natural Latex, Ryan and Veronica decided to do their part in educating the general public and law makers of the effects of Latex overexposure and why there needs to be a change in the way Latex is used. This is why was created.

Visit the new site below for latex allergy information and to join the cause to make a difference in the way Latex is used. Get information about prevention and treatment of Latex allergies. Sign the petition for change and tell your latex allergy story. There is no cost to use it!

Latex Allergy Information >>

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