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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Attorney conferences are a great way to promote yourself as a legal nurse. Many times there are hundreds or thousands of lawyers at a single conference. A booth that showcases your company professionally is one way to reach many potential employers at the same event. Attorney conferences give you access to many potential client who will want information about what you have to offer.

Display Boards:
Your booth should contain display boards with your company name and services. The display boards should be colorful but professional, have fairly large font, and have your company name and logo.

Power Point Presentation:
Draw attention to your booth by having a custom-made and continuously running PowerPoint Presentation. This presentation will show on a small screen on the side of your booth. It is a professional and eye-catching tool that draws people to your booth.

Tri-fold Brochures:
When people come by your booth, they will want to have a tangible written reminder of your company and it's services. Most likely the attorneys will be visiting many booths, and will require more than just a business card to remember you. Make sure to include your name, certifications, years of experience, and professional Associations you belong to.

Marketing Products:
You will want to bring plenty of business cards, and examples of your work product, such as reports, calendars, and chronologies on your letterhead. Be sure to have extra paper for taking notes. If you talk to an attorney or potential employer and tell them that you will call them to follow up or talk about a case, be sure that you do it. Write yourself notes on individuals that you talk to and what cases they may have. Have introduction lines to start conversations when people pass by your booth.

For an extensive list of attorney conferences with a medical legal emphasis, visit the member's area of the International & American Association for the Legal Nurse Industry at If you are not a member yet, visit the site and register for a yearly membership for $100.

For help with all the marketing tools described above, visit or call 813-251-3609.

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