Legal Nurse Consulting News: 2009 Indulge Conference Speakers and Sponsors

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The speaker lineup and conference sponsors are now released for the 2009 Indulge Conferegnce. Conference attendees at this year’s conference will definitely feel like it’s all about them. They will enjoy some highly invigorating and educational speakers, they will receive many free gifts from sponsors and they will have the opportunity to win some great prizes.


• Debbie Lundberg: Keynote Speaker (Visit target='_blank'
• Allyson Kayton: Medico-Legal Implications of Electronic Medical Records
• Barb King: I Think I Can, I Know I Can, I Did
• Trisha Turner: Toxicology Case Study, Resources & Research

Attendees will get free gifts from these Sponsors:

• Vitamin Water: The world-famous drink produced by Glaceau. Visit
• Napa Soaps*: Handmade soaps from ingredients found in Napa Valley. They are a made of a delicate combination of essential oils and natural ingredients, including grape seed oil which is a by-product of wine. Visit
• One Natural: A healthy drink that makes a great alternative to soda or high fructose corn syrup sport's drinks. Visit
• Glowelle: A drinkable beauty supplement donated by Neiman Marcus and created by Nestle that is designed to help fight the signs of aging. Visit
• Elemis Skincare: A British company that combines natural ingredients from nature and cutting edge technology to create quality skincare products. Visit
• TCHO Chocolate*: The only chocolate factory in San Francisco. TCHO is a dark chocolate company that roasts on-site from areas in Africa and Peru. Visit
• Pure Bars*: A superfood with the most nutritional bang for your buck. Visit

*Speaker schedule may be changed without notice. Some sponsors have only given verbal commitment.

Conference Details:

The Indulge Conference is the once-a-year event for Nurses by RN MARKET that foucuses on the medical-legal industry. The theme for this conference is 'Go Green'. This theme is a credo that many people are trying to live by so it makes a great theme for our conference. Not only will the 'Go Green' theme be seen readily throughout the conference, but the events planned for the conference are sure to provide an unforgettable experience for all. Our staff has spent countless hours coming up with and planning new and exciting events for the 2009 Conference. As with every Indulge Conference, every effort has been made to make the experience all about you. Browse the info below to see some of the exciting events we are planning.

Conference Includes:

• Property-Wide Recreation & Networking Activities for Attendees and Family
• Green Carpet Event & Gifting Suite Loaded with Indulgence, Freebies and Networking Opportunities
• Several Interesting & Educational Speakers & Activities
• Breakfast
• Conference Book
• One Year Renewal of Any RN MARKET Certification
• Pier One Imports Tote Bag

It’s not too late to register!
2009 Indulge Conference Registration >>

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