New Live Legal Nurse Consulting Internships

Friday, February 22, 2008

Work REAL cases for attorneys! In addition to our 2-Day Internship, RN MARKET now has a LIVE Internship. Work one-on-one with Veronica Castellana, the course creator and currently practicing Legal Nurse Consultant, Legal Nurse Investigator and Certified Product Safety Specialist, and her staff of Legal Nurses on a real case. With Veronica's help, you will review one of her LIVE cases and learn how to create impressive and valuable reports. These are real cases for real attorneys that are being handled by Veronica's Legal Nurse Consulting company, LNC Firm; not precreated case scenarios or sample cases. You get the unique opportunity to work in Veronica's office and see how real cases are done. Have your own office, desk, computer, phone and secretary at your disposal. You will get to report to the attorney and to Veronica and you will get a meeting with the attorney. Live Internships are $500 per day. Take as many days as you want. Call 866-933-2562 for more info.

About The Author

Veronica Castellana Veronica Castellana

RN MARKET News features Legal Nurse Consulting related articles written by Veronica Castellana, Ryan Sanchez, and other guest writers. Veronica is the LNC STAT course creator and is a currently practicing Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant. Her training tools and techniques have resulted in some of the most succesful Legal Nurse Consultants in the world. She is now the leader in Legal Nurse success. Ryan is the Director of Marketing for RN MARKET and the LNC STAT course. His valuable expertise helps nurses to realize their true potential and value in the field of Legal Nurse Consulting.