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Saturday, April 05, 2008

As the holidays were approaching in 2005, like every year before, I began assessing my career accomplishments. This year was distinctly different. Rather than being thankful for the previous year and setting goals for the upcoming year, I couldn?t get past unrealized aspirations. What was missing? When I left clinical nursing I was determined to be the ?one stop shop for disability management?. Various settings afforded a good background in disability case management from short term disability, long term disability and FMLA including case management with a steady progression through management. Medical file audits, bill review and trial skills were additional opportunities. I felt as though my life of challenges and learning was going nowhere. What was next?This particular self-evaluation led to the realization, that my professional career had afforded the training ground to realize all of my goals in professional development. All areas of past knowledge and experience were utilized to produce a comprehensive medical review unit. Why, then could I not say ?thank you? and be content? The products were developed, always under the confines of someone else?s definition of what the goals were. The resources available, the priorities set and the ultimate outcome of the products? reception in the market place were under someone else?s control. My goal for 2006 was finally clear; control the delivery of medical file management and review. The opportunity to promote my philosophy of business was staring me in the face. As long as it was someone else?s culture and resources being utilized, this goal would not be realized. What if a company devoted to this dream was to become a reality? I did not have the financial resources of many, but I did have one thing that they did not; the drive and desire to deliver a product that would fulfill all expectations of a prospective client base. Ok, so where to go from here? NurseValue, Inc. was born. Resignation to my present employer was given on Martin Luther King?s Day. 'I have a dream' and I finally understood that this is what makes an entrepreneur. This realization is not passive. Assess, analyze, plan and then ACT!!

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