Legal Nurse Consulting News: World Series of Poker Results

Friday, May 09, 2008

Playing in the World Series of Poker has been a dream of Veronica's since she stood behind Johnny Chan while he won at the 1987 and 1988 World Series Main Events. Many people also know Johnny Chan from the movie Rounders. Today, Johnny Chan is considered a legend and is a lasting figure in the world of poker. The photo to the left shows Veronica with Johnny Chan.This year, Veronica had the opportunity to play in the World Series of Poker. She played the Pot Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament and played against 607 players. For most of the day, she was ranked top ten and reached as high as sixth place. Towards the end of the first day, Veronica had a reaction due to her Latex allergy. She was not able to play a hand for two hours after eating at a restaurant that used Latex gloves to prepare the food. When she returned, she was no longer leading the pack and had to play catch-up to make up for her lost time. She began her comeback and made it through the first day. At the start of the second day, she still was nowhere near the lead she had before her reaction. About halfway through the second day, she was knocked out by someone who called her bets with a worse hand and ended up getting lucky. She finished in the top 9% in 54th place out of 605 people and ended up doubling her money. Her loss was not due to poor play on her part. She lost against a player who just got lucky. She had pocket Queens and her opponent had pocket nines. That's poker. She ended up winning over $4000. Veronica played a tournament put on by Johnny Chan. She did well in that tournament also. She placed in the top 4% in 58th place out of nearly 1400 people. That got her a win of $1000. Where was Ryan during all this? Ryan played Johnny Chan's tournament as well but had a bad streak of luck. Ryan won money in a few other tournaments but they were in casinos rather than the World Series. He planned on winning his way into the World Series but the cards decided it wouldn't happen this year. There's always next year. Even with his unlucky streak, Ryan still managed to knock Veronica out of one of the tournaments. He had pocket Kings and Veronica had pocket Queens. Apparently, those Queens don't do Veronica much justice.Congratulations to Veronica. Keep an eye out next year because she plans on playing the World Series of Poker again. If you put your mind to it, you can do it!

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