Legal Nurse Consulting News: The Emmy's

Monday, July 21, 2008

Prior to the Emmys, the stars walk the ?Red Carpet? where they get interviewed and critiqued on their dresses and designer clothing. Veronica and Ryan recently were invited to attend the ?Red Carpet? Event for the Emmys with E! They had a great time. The only problem was that they needed to change clothes and be back in order to walk the Red Carpet themselves to attend the Emmys before the doors closed. What a dilemma to be in? How would they manage? They hired a driver...a fast one and left the Red Carpet Event early. Changed into formals within 15 minutes and were on the Red Carpet where they were greeted by all who were sitting next to them. Who?s that getting all of that attention, the stars were thinking? Well, if they only knew that Veronica and Ryan were just sitting with those people only an hour earlier they would have realized why they were yelling for them. Being invited to the Emmys, we did not think for one moment that we would get to walk the Red Carpet or that one person let alone two stands of people would care that we were there. But, it did feel good when the crowd roared.The only movie Ryan had ever been in was ?The Punisher? and they edited his part out of the movie. You can catch Veronica in Rocky IV in the background of the fights in the audience where she was hired as an extra. Look for the blonde with the ?big hair?, remember when that was in? You?ll find her. She also did ?The Perfect Match? with ABC Family but was behind the scenes. However, you can hear her voice in the background of one of the episodes. And they thought they could keep her quiet!Back to the Emmys. WOW, Oprah, God herself! That was exciting! The guy from ?Bones?. He is so cute. Definitely, worth the rush. Every actor or actress on the big screen was there.We weren?t originally supposed to go to the Emmys, only the Red Carpet Event with E! But, how did we get those tickets? Remember, Veronica teaches about ?The Self-fulfilling Prophecy? and yes, dreams do come true. A friend of Veronica?s called Veronica with charge! If you ever want to go anywhere that you can't get tickets, call Veronica and she will give you her contact.Veronica and Ryan decide to play poker at a Celebrity Poker Tournament for Charity in Hollywood, CA that we set up prior to going to California. We each donated $300.00 for the charity and we were given meals (latex free), a gifting suite (free stuff), and ?Flawless? vodka; that story to come.Veronica was doing well, but then, guess what hand she got dealt, yes, you got that right, pocket queens...the only hand that destroys Veronica?s poker game. What to do? It was cold Ryan was not doing so well, Veronica decides to test her stats on going all-in with the hand. Of course, you know what happened next, she was eliminated to pocket Aces and Ryan made a comeback.The final table and Ryan is sitting next to Annie Duke, a famous poker player. Annie beats Ryan at one hand where Veronica proceeds to high-five Annie! Ryan can?t do better than Veronica at poker? Ryan ends up defeating all and it comes down to the final two. The doctor finished in third place and won a trip for two to a SPA including hotel. The final two gifts are a $10,000 Lamborghini watch and a $5,000 custom-made poker table. Ryan knows that Veronica can?t do anything with a men?s $10,000 watch and that if he wins that, he will be responsible for telling Veronica the rest of his life what time it is. He turns to Veronica and asks the simple question; which one do you want me to win? Duh, Veronica wants the poker table! The game ends and no more hands are dealt while Ryan states, I am done, she wants the poker table. They are all relieved to know that the poker tournament is over with. Veronica and Ryan met stars from various television shows like Ian Zering from 90210 and Deanna Pappas from The Bachelorette who was with her boyfriend Jesse the snowboarder. Ryan and I got to meet them because Jesse ended up spilling Flawless vodka on Ryan?s new $150.00 California shirt. It really was Flawless. It didn?t even leave a stain. You might notice a few of the other stars in the photos...the guy from Borat! Who?s that guy Veronica?s sitting on? What a weekend!

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