Legal Nurse Consulting News: Sue Hogan, A Friend to Remember

Saturday, May 26, 2007

At about 1:00 PM on July 2, 2007, a beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived at the offices of RN MARKET. The note said that the flower arrangement was for Veronica. On the note was a short line thanking Veronica for everything she had done and detailing how important her friendship and support was. About one hour after receiving the bouquet, the sender was involved in a horrific car accident and pass away after four hours of surgery. Three days later was Ryan?s birthday. On that day Ryan received a package stuffed with birthday cookies, brownies and treats. That birthday package was sent from the same person who sent the flower arrangement to Veronica. That person was Susan Hogan. Sue worked with RN MARKET and IAALNI for almost a year and had a huge role in starting the association and improving operations, sales and moral in the RN MARKET office. Her outlook on business was one of a kind and made a real difference at RN MARKET. In the International & American Association of Legal Nurse Investigators & Consultants (IAALNI), she subtly took the position of Secretary for the association. She took the position subtly because she had started the duties of the Secretary position before she was even elected. She was doing such a good job that nobody wanted to run against her. She volunteered her time to help found the new association and did a fantastic job in everything she did.Sue was happy with where she was in life. She volunteered a lot of her time with RN MARKET and IAALNI and showed how much she really enjoyed her work. Sue will be remembered as an outgoing, fun, and thoughtful friend who would go out of her way to get a laugh and brighten someone?s day. She loved her family very much and it showed every time she spoke in detail about each family member. Sue's funeral was held July 6, 2007 in Clearwater, FL. She will be sorely missed not only professionally, but personally. Thanks for everything Sue! We love you and we will miss you!

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