Legal Nurse Consulting News: Indulge Conference Speaker Profile: Paul and Sharon Martino

Friday, March 16, 2007

We would like to introduce two more speakers scheduled for the 2007 Indulge Conference. Sharon Martino is a Legal Nurse Consultant and founder of Legal Nurse Consulting Practice, LLC. Paul Martino is an experienced software engineer. Using Sharon's Legal Nurse Consulting experience and Paul's software engineering experience, they founded Legal Nurse Systems, LLC. There they create software for Legal Nurse Consultants and Health Care Professionals working in the Legal Profession. Some of their softwares include Legal Nurse Systems which assists Legal Nurses in organizing, analyzing, preparing chronologies and visualizing Medical Legal cases, Life Care Planner System which gives Life Care Planners a tool that not only eliminates the burden of cumbersome mathematical calculations but has a powerful Report Writer based on Microsoft Word?, and their soon to be released Mass Tort Manager System which allows you to create screening and follow up interview schedules that store the responses directly in a searchable database. Sharon and Paul will speak about How to Use Technology to Analyze and Demonstrate Medical-Legal Cases. They will do a mock case and discuss how to work with electronic records and create valuable trial exhibits. Sharon and Paul attended the last year's Indulge Conference and had a lot to offer to its attendees. Visit their web site at

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