Kimberly California




"If you want to do more with your nursing career then just the hospital, stop dealing with the drama. Call LNC Stat today you get world class advanced training. Training that goes much deeper than the competitions. I researched and studied and questions several different Certification places, (especially the big 3) but it always cost much much more and all you received was a LNC Certification. But, with LNC Stat, you learn lots more. You can earn 5 different certificates, and the course comes with 5 certificates, books, study material and a lifetime mentor and friend. Your fees cover everything and you let us make payments with no credit check, any type credit scores, and interest free. The course include videos , books, updates, forms, contracts, samples, practices with other ALNCs so you feel comfortable and know exactly what to say with any question or statement they could give you.. A little secret is, they charge less too and pack every course full of very explicit, useful, and understandable information. Veronica, Ryan, and Kim, Thank you, thank you, for all the help and patience you have give to me. I am so honored Veronica that you personally decided to take me under your wing and mentor me. Boy, I'm glad I remind you of yourself. Can't wait to see you when I go to Florida for the final 3 certificates we have to take in person. So, do you have a sofa"