Shari Michigan




"I am so glad I called you! After making several phone calls to attorneys, I felt like I was getting nowhere. I was leaving a lot of voice messages and having the secretaries take down my name and number. I even spoke to some attorneys that sounded interested...but no cases! I figured I would call you and tell you what I had been up to and see if you could give me some tips. WELL, you told me to keep calling until I got a case, after making 2 more phone calls I got my first case! It took 2 minutes. The firm I called said they already had 2 legal nurse consultants on staff but she wanted my CV just in case they had an overflow. It was then that I told her that I also do Expert review in the OR and her voice lit up. We spoke about a case that she was working on and needed an expert. I am sending her my CV and the marketing package that I received from RN Market. I am sure she will be impressed. I have an appointment on Monday with the attorney!"