Laura Ohio




"It has been 4 years and I now have 15 attorneys, 10 that use me throughout the year consistently, and another 5 that use me periodically. I have stopped counting how many cases I have completed, but I have done hundreds of cases. With one attorney alone, I have received over 120 cases from his firm. I have also been fortunate enough to be able to take on some pro bono cases. One of the cases involved a nurse that was fired that should not have been fired. It made me feel good to give back to a total stranger and be able to do it without having to worry about getting paid. I have enjoyed the yearly Indulge conferences for the past three years and have never missed one. Besides taking the LNC STAT Advanced Certification Course, I have also taken the Certified Legal Nurse Investigator (CLNI) and the Certified Product Safety Specialist (CPSS) courses which have helped to increase my caseload and my income. I still speak to Veronica at least once a week and am even working on a case with her. "