Kelly Washington




"After many years of working in various settings as an RN, someone approached me about Legal Nurse Consulting. I had never thought of it before, so started to do some research. I found several LNC certification courses, but I chose LNC stat because they also offer help with marketing. I am a great nurse. I am NOT a great marketer. I chose the ALNC program, and I couldn't be happier. The courses were easy to use. The training I received was excellent, and email were/are answered very quickly when I had a question. After I completed the certification, the marketing help I received was outstanding. I didn't know what I didn't know, and the ALNC program walks you through every single step. The Logo created for me by LNC stat is beautiful and professional, and the website, materials, exhibition piece, and power point are excellent quality. I went to my first Bar Association convention this past weekend as a vendor, and am happy to say that I am booked for 6 interviews!!! Thank you, Veronica and Ryan, for all of the work you put forth to make us successful. I am most grateful!"