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Become Certified as an Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant (ALNC)

or an Expert of Medical Legal Specialties (EMLS).

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Your Medical Expertise is

Extremely Valuable

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You Can Earn

$125-$300 Per Hour

Reviewing Medical Records
in Legal Cases

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The Most Effective

Legal Nurse Consulting System Available


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    Nov 7-11, 2016

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    Jan 30 - Feb 3, 2017

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What is a Legal Nurse Consultant?

A Legal Nurse Consultant may interpret, analyze and organize medical records in legal cases, insurance cases and for any organization that works with medical records. A Legal Nurse Consultant may create reports  such as timelines, calendars, and chronologies based on the facts of the case.



Advanced Legal Nurse Consultants (ALNC)

An Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant or ALNC is a nurse who has completed the LNC STAT certification course requirements and hands-on training. The ALNC credential and certification is only available from RN MARKET. Those certified as an ALNC have the option to start your own practice and work as a consultant for attorney clients or find a full or part time job working on-staff at a law firm or other organization. A Legal Nurse Consultant with their own practice can earn $125 to $300 per hour and is able to set their own schedule, be their own boss, find more freedom and earn extra income.

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Exclusive LNC STAT Benefits


Learn from Veronica Castellana

Veronica is the course creator and a practicing Legal Nurse. She teaches you the techniques she uses in her own highly successful practice, so you know they work.


FREE Live Review Included

Included FREE with every LNC STAT package is registration for one 3-day review with where you can work one-on-one with Veronica.


95% Success Rate

The highest success rate in the Legal Nurse Consulting industry. The success rate of a course is a direct indicator of the quality of a course.


Case Guarantee

We guarantee you will get a case or you will get additional training for free. Available with the Elite Plan and Expert Curriculum.


Unlimited Call-In Mentoring

Have a problem? Can't Get a Case? Call anytime for help; before, during, or after your first case. Available with every package.


Hands-On & Interactive

The best way to learn Legal Nurse Consulting is to practice it yourself with your own hands rather than lecture style in a huge auditorium.


Cases Available

Since Veronica practices as a Legal Nurse, she often receives paid cases that she shares only with LNC STAT graduates.


Modernized Curriculum

Since the LNC STAT Course is based on Veronica's own Legal Nurse practice, the material is constantly updated and is more current than any other course.


Active Mentoring

We call you to make sure you are on the right track to success. Available with the Elite Plan and Expert Curriculum.



Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that each student receives the training they need to become a successful Legal Nurse Consultant.


Smaller Class Sizes

Don't get lost in a large crowd of other students who won't be successful. Get the attention you need to learn the keys to success.


Best Reputation

ALNCs are highly respected in the legal industry. Some of the biggest cases in the world have been completed by ALNCs.


Practice Presentations & Interviewing

To get cases, you have to know what to say to the attorneys. After you get the case, you must be able to present the case confidently. Practice interviewing scenarios and case presentation skills.


Work a Real Case from Start to Finish

Learn how to review a case, organize, tab, paginate, write a report with your computer and present your case; all essential tools necessary for achieving success.


Highly Effective Marketing

You will not get cases if you can't market effectively. Use modern techniques & tools that have been proven in the current industry.


0% Financing

Flexible financing options are available to help you get started. No credit check required!



We understand that life can be busy. Customize your training to fit your needs and your schedule.


Online or DVD Training

Every package includes home study training that can be accessed online or on DVD.


50-162 CEs Included

Over 50 contact hours included in the Basic Package. Up to 162 total contact hours of training are available.



Upgrade your package at any time with no additional fees. Simply pay the difference between the two packages.

Compare LNC STAT  

When it comes to success, other courses and certifications fall short. See how.


Take Your Life to a Level that Most People Can Only Dream of!

"No matter what

obstacles you may

have, every nurse

holds the power and

ability to produce


Are you ready to make a change in your life and your income? Do you feel a lack of confidence in your abilities or hesitation to take the first step towards a better career? No matter what obstacles you may have, every nurse holds the power and ability to produce results. The promise of a successful career, higher income and a better life is not too good to be true if you are willing to make the commitment and strive for your goals. The LNC STAT course will fully prepare you with real-life experience and training based on the proven techniques used in Veronica Castellana's own Legal Nursing practice. All you have to do is implement your training. Only you can create the career you desire.


5 Easy Steps to Starting Your Legal Nurse Consulting Certification

Legal Nurse Consulting Introduction Video Introduction to Legal Nurse Consulting Book Select the Legal Nurse Package for You Call for with Any Questions or Financing Order your Legal Nurse Consulting Certification  






Watch the Free Informational Video and Video Testimonials to learn why LNC STAT's certifications are the best choice for finding success as a Legal Nurse. Just click the icon above.

Click the book icon above to read the Introduction to Legal Nurse Consulting Book online for free and complete the free introduction course with 8 CEs or call to order a copy along with your free starter package.

Choose one of the three Legal Nurse Consulting Certification packages that fits your needs and budget. Just click the icon above.

Call with any questions or to apply for financing.

If no financing is required, order online through this Web site or call toll free 866-933-2562.


The Demand for Legal Nurse Consultants

The demand for knowledgeable, professional and qualified medical-legal professionals is high. Every legal case involving medical records should have an expert representing those records. Even though there are thousands of nurses all across the country who complete Legal Nurse Consultant programs, most don't get their FIRST CASE! If they get a case, they really aren't sure what to do because the course they took did not give them the right tools. How do we know? These Legal Nurses come to us for help.


Legal Nurse Marketing

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Legal Nurse MarketingIf you decide to start your own practice as a Legal Nurse Consultant, you cannot get cases without knowing how to market effectively. The LNC STAT course includes only modern and researched marketing techniques that have been proven to be more effective. You can't be successful if your potential clients don't know about you. Our marketing techniques were developed specifically for the field of Legal Nursing and will make a big difference when you try to get cases.


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Legal Nurse
Job Placement

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Hire a
Legal Nurse 

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Legal Nurse Job PlacementAs an Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant, you have the option to open your own practice and work independently or to find a job working on-staff at a law firm or other organization. If you choose to get a job, RN MARKET offers Legal Nursing Job listings to help you find the right position.


Find a Legal Nurse for a Job OpeningAre you interested in hiring a Legal Nurse Consultant for a full or part time job? ALNC Certified Legal Nurses must complete the most rigorous training in the industry. Contact us to reach prime candidates for your Legal Nurse Consulting job opening.


Official Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant Association

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The International & American Association for the Legal Nurse Industry (IAALNI)

International & American Association for the Legal Nurse IndustryThe IAALNI is the official association for the LNC STAT course. If you are a Legal Nurse Consultant, Expert of Medical Legal Specialties, Legal Nurse Investigator, Product Safety Specialist or any other medical-legal professional, you can join the association. IAALNI is the only world-wide association and it has many benefits and opportunities for your career. 



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