• Use Your
    Nursing Expertise
    & Passion

    To Help People
    in the Legal Field.

  • As An ALNC, You Can
    Earn up to
    Per Hour

    Reviewing medical records
    in legal cases.

  • Continue
    Helping People

    Your expertise can help offer higher quality legal representation to those who have suffered injuries or malpractice.

  • Learn How to Build

    With training from the LNC STAT course, a career in Legal Nurse Consulting can be very satisfying and lucrative.

  • Receive
    For Your Expertise
    Your medical experience is very valuable in the legal industry, so you get a lot more respect for your knowledge.

  • You Can
    Set Your Own Schedule
    And have more time
    to focus on what
    matters most to you.

  • You Can
    Be Your Own Boss
    After years of answering to a demanding supervisor and working in unfair conditions, you are probably a little fed up and ready for a change.

Amazing Career Opportunities Become Available When You

Earn Your Legal Nurse Consultant Certification from LNC STAT

Veronica Castellana - Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant

Veronica Castellana
The Expert You Need On Your Side

Veronica is the owner and creator of the LNC STAT course. She has spent the last 15 years working directly with attorneys in her own successful Legal Nurse Consultant practice. The tools and techniques she teaches in the LNC STAT course are still used in her practice today. Her methods have been proven time and time again by nurses who have used her system to find Legal Nurse success. Complete the LNC STAT course to gain access to her highly effective succes secrets.

More About Veronica

More About Veronica

Veronica Castellana - Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant

Interactive Start-Up Guide

Utilize this step-by-step guide to help you decide what direction you would like to take your Legal Nurse Consulting career and how to do it. No personal information is neccesary.

Introduction Video

Exclusive LNC STAT Benefits

Exclusive LNC STAT Benefits

Not All Legal Nurse Courses Are The Same

The main indicator of the quality of a course is the success of its graduates. When it comes to success, most other courses fall short. See why.

Our Legal Nurses are Behind Some of the Biggest Cases in the World!

Some have even been court-ordered to work specific cases. Here are just a few huge cases that we can talk about where ALNCs have made a difference:

  • World Trade Center Cases
  • Vioxx Cases
  • Mesothelioma Cases
  • Ephedra Cases
  • Birth Control Cases
  • Zyprexa Cases
  • And Many More That We Can't Talk About Yet
Choose the Certificate or Certification that Fits You Best

Legal Nurse Consultant

Perfect for the beginner who wants an easy introduction.

If you are undecided on whether you want to find a job or start your own practice, use this introductory course to help you decide what direction to take your Legal Nurse career. Once you decide, upgrade to a certification that is targeted for your chosen path.

Legal Nurse Associate

Find a full or part time job as a Legal Nurse.

Review medical records in a law firm, insurance company, managed care organization, and more. Learn specific skills neccesary for practicing as an In-House Legal Nurse. Job hunting tools are included.

Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant (ALNC)

Start your own Legal Nurse Consulting practice and earn $125-$300 per hour.

Work independently, earn $125-$300 per hour reviewing medical records in legal cases, set your own schedule, and be your own boss. With our coaching, you can transform yourself from a fed up nurse, into a succesful individual and ALNC business owner.

Expert of Medical Legal Specialties (EMLS)

The pinnacle of
Legal Nurse Consulting training.

Everything you need to start your own business or find a job. The level and quantity of medical legal training achieved by the EMLS is matched by no other certification or organization. Have the knowledge to expand your Legal Nurse practice into any medical-legal arena.

Home Study is Always Included
Attend a Regional Conference for Additional Personalized Help

Complete hands-on and interactive training at your own pace with the LNC STAT Home Study. Enjoy flexibility that fits your busy schedule and access your training from almost any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Attend a Regional Conference to practice key skills and work one-on-one with Veronica Castellana.

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Access this detailed starter package containing everything you need to know about starting your new career as a Legal Nurse Consultant.

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