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Certified Legal Nurse Investigator (CLNI) Certification

Help Prevent Medical Record
Tampering, Fraud, & Negligence.

Gain the in-depth training required to recognize medical record tampering, negligence and fraud in medical records. While these topics are included in the LNC STAT course, this certification offers extremely detailed and hands-on training that gives you the ability to see beyond the obvious in your medical record analysis.

Expand your practice so that you will have the ability to work a wider variety of cases and broaden your medical-legal expertise into specific specialties.

Why is the CLNI Certification Needed?

Many times hospitals cover-up the errors in a medical record. Either a hospital, doctor, nurse, or other employee who was working on a patient may cover-up or hide documents, medication errors, or they may falsify medical records to avoid taking responsibility for mistakes.

Some tools you will gain include:

  • Advanced Skills that will enhance your knowledge in the Legal Nurse Consulting, case management, forensic nursing, or hospital management fields
  • Advanced investigative techniques that help you solve or decipher medical record tampering cases to enhance your skills as a Registered Nurse, case manager, forensic nurse, Legal Nurse Consultant, or life care planner
  • Techniques used to investigate fraud, including Medicare and Medicaid fraud