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The Indulge Conference is the once-a-year event for nurses by RN MARKET. At the Indulge Conference, you will have the opportunity to network with other successful Advanced Legal Nurse Consultants, learn from informative and entertaining speakers and indulge in an atmosphere where it's all about you. CEs are included. With the Expert of Medical Legal Specialties certification, your registration for one Indulge conference is included!

Past Indulge Home Studies

2011 Indulge COnference Home Study

2011 Indulge Conference Home Study with 4 CEs

  • Veronica Castellana: "Forensic Cases of Missing Children: Elizabeth Smart, Jaycee Lee Dugard, Caylee Anthony, Casey Anthony"
  • Veronica Castellana: "Case Review"
  • Debbie Lundberg: "Selling Yourself from the Inside Out...Product One is You!"
  • Joe Teston: "Tax and Operational Accounting for your ALNC Business"
  • Carmen Scherich: "How one Nurse became a Pentagon Legal Case Research Officer and her epic journey to Afghanistan, Rule of Law and Representing Detainees at their Military Review Boards"
2010  Indulge COnference Home Study

2010 Indulge Conference Home Study with 7 CEs

  • Veronica Castellana: "10 Ways in 2010 to Attract More Attorney Clients to You"
  • Veronica Castellana: "How to Exhibit at Attorney Conferences"
  • Veronica Castellana: "How to Find Legal Nurse Jobs in Your Area"
  • Ryan Sanchez: "How to Create Your Own Email Newsletters"
  • Ryan Sanchez: "How to Advertise Effectively in Print Media"
  • Pamela Graham: "Researching Codes of Federal Regulations (CFRs), State Statutes, State Administrative Codes, Legislative and Facility History to Enhance Your Case Presentation"
2009  Indulge COnference Home Study

2009 Indulge Conference Home Study: 7 CEs

  • Debbie Lundberg: "Life Lessons – The Lundberg Way"
  • Debbie Lundberg: "Life Assessments Top 10"
  • Allyson Kayton: "Medico-Legal Implications of Electronic Medical Records"
  • Allyson Kayton: "Forensic Criminal Evidence Analyst Internship Experience"
  • Barb King : "I think I can, I know I can, I did"
  • Trisha Turner: "Toxicology Case Study, Resources & Research"
  • Amanda Straka: "Legal Search Tips"
2008  Indulge COnference Home Study

2008 Indulge Conference Home Study: 15 CEs

  • Steven Rambam : "Privacy Is Dead - Get Over It...And Use It"
  • Steven Rambam : "International And Multi-jurisdictional Investigations"
  • Paul & Sharon Martino: "How Legal Nurse Systems Suite of Software Will Enhance Your Legal Nurse Consulting Practice"
  • Shep Kuester : "Facing The Monster – Learning to Balance, Integrate and Understand the Demands of Your Personal and Professional Lives"
  • Renee Scott: "Assertive Communication"
  • Veronica Castellana: "Case Review: Nightmare in Napa"


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2007  Indulge COnference Home Study

2007 Indulge Conference Home Study: 12.6 CEs

  • Patrick Snow: "How to Get Exactly What You Want Out of Life"
  • Paul & Sharon Martino: "Using Technology to Analyze and Demonstrate Medical-Legal Cases for Legal Nurses"
  • Serita Stevens: "Forensically Speaking: How Knowledge of Forensics Helps the Legal Nurse"
  • Denise Harden: "How to Work Workers Comp Cases"
  • Barbara King : "Marketing’s Second Step—Keep Them Coming Back!"
  • Ryan Sanchez: "The NEW SmartDraw"


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2006  Indulge COnference Home Study

2006 Indulge Conference Home Study: 12.2 CEs

  • Patricia Iyer: "Tampering with Medical Records"
  • Norma Tillman: "Light Your Fire"
  • Paul & Sharon Martino: "Using Personal Computers in Medical Record Review and Analysis"
  • Barbara Cagianese: "How to Exhibit Successfully"
  • Sherry Hoback: "Report Writing & Case Analysis"
  • Donna Adkins: "BODY OF EVIDENCE: Investigation by a Nurse"
  • Gloria Blackmon : "Refocused Living: Lessons in Self-Care & Balance"
  • Terri Sayre : "How One LNC can Impact Decision Making with Class Action/Mass Tort Cases"
  • Colleen Lindell: "Online Medical/Nursing Information Investigations"


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