Job Hunting Guide with Résumé Service

For the Legal Nurse Associate (LNA)

Business Invitation Brochures for  Advanced Legal Nurse Consultants

Included only with the
Legal Nurse Associate (LNA) and Expert of Medical Legal Specialties (EMLS) certifications.

Essential Tools for Finding a Legal Nurse Job

Job Hunting Guide for the Legal Nurse Associate (LNA):

  • Learn about the Résumé and CV
  • Learn how to find job openings & how to properly apply
  • Learn how to preparing yourself for the job jnterview
  • Learn what to do at the interview to secure the job
  • Learn what to do after the interview

Résumé Writing Service:

  • Have your Résumé written by industry experts and optimized to fit onto a single page
  • Efficiently convey essential info about yourself with clean layouts, and concise wording
  • Receive your new Résumé in electronic format so that you may email it, attach it, or print it.

Only Available with the
Legal Nurse Associate (LNA) Certification


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