Key Staff Members

Ryan Sanchez

Ryan Sanchez

Director of Marketing

Ryan Sanchez, BSME, graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering. As a Mechanical Engineer, he has designed and custom built many items including a custom water ski for a teenager with cerebral palsy allowing him to ski with minimal effort and coordination.

Ryan came to RN MARKET in 2003 possessing many skills in graphic design and as a Webmaster. He has a tremendous amount of marketing, computer programming, writing and designing skills. He has written articles for RN MARKET NEWS that have been published and distributed throughout the United States and has created all banners, displays and advertisements for RN MARKET including content and graphics. He works at RN MARKET LLC side-by-side with Veronica as the Director of Marketing for RN MARKET. In that position, he oversees and manages the production of all marketing tools for RN MARKET's nurses, the marketing of all RN MARKET products and courses, and the development of all new products and courses.

He was an instructor at Louisiana State University in New Orleans, Louisiana where he taught Marketing. He has also been a speaker for the National Nurses in Business Association, American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants, and several other organizations. He is available for speaking engagements.

Ryan is a known advocate for allergy awareness; specifically food allergies and Latex allergies. He started his own association called the Association for Allergy Safety & Education (AASE) where he works with restaurants to train the staff and implement a protocol for handling food and Latex allergies.

Visit his allergy Web sites at:

Kim Arena

Kim Arena

Course & Finance Administrator

Kim Arena joined the RN MARKET team in 2011. She is currently in the position of Course and Finance Administrator. During this time, she helped to develop RM MARKET's, finance program. Her efforts have increased the educational progress at a much faster rate. She enjoys working with the team to find new ways to increase productivity and put Nurses’ Legal Nurse educational needs first. As the Course Administrator, she has taken on the responsibilities that consist of daily operations and overseeing Nurse registration.

Her education background includes an Associate Degree Program for X-Ray Technology and Certified Licensed Radiologic Technologist in the State of Florida. Kim has been working in the Medical Orthopedic and Radiologic fields for over thirty years. She worked in clinics and all the major hospitals in her local hometown of Tampa Florida. She previously managed and functioned as personal scrub assistant to an Orthopedic Surgeon. She became interested in the medical field early in her life. Helping others has been a passion of hers. This contributes and influences her daily decision-making. She is married with two children. Spending time with friends and her family is what she enjoys most.

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