Veronica Castellana

Veronica's Story

Veronica's Turning Point

Veronica Castellana is the LNC STAT course creator, owner of RN MARKET and has been practicing as a Legal Nurse for over years. She was an Emergency Room nurse for several years when she developed a Latex Allergy and had an anaphylactic reaction in the ER. She was no longer able to work in any medical setting. She absolutely loved her job and was heartbroken.

Veronica's Uphill Battle in Her New Career Path

Veronica decided to start her career as a Legal Nurse Consultant. She signed up for the most popular Legal Nurse Consulting certification course at the time, passed the test, got certified, and was ready to start. However, once she tried putting what she had learned to work, she could not get a case and wouldn't know what to do with a case if she did get one. She found out the hard way that she was missing most of the key skills necessary to practice as a Legal Nurse successfully. The course she took certified her, but did not teach her how to practice as a Legal Nurse Consultant. She decided that the Legal Nurse Consulting profession wasn't the problem. The problem was how it was taught to her. Veronica decided that she was going to be a Legal Nurse Consultant her own way. After much trial and error, she developed new methods that were not outdated and were more effective. Her Legal Nurse Practice called LNC FIRM took off. She got many clients who hired her continuously for cases.

Veronica's Calling

After seeing how well her new methods worked in her practice, she decided that other nurses should know her secrets. It wasn't fair that nurses were spending money to become certified as Legal Nurse Consultants but could never get their first case because of ineffective training. She developed the LNC STAT certification course and began teaching it to the nurses who took other courses but couldn't get cases. Something amazing happened: those nurses got cases too!

Veronica Now

Veronica is now the leader in modernized Legal Nurse methods and Legal Nurse success while continuing to teach her LNC STAT course and working real cases in her practice. She has also created other exclusive training and certification courses like Certified Product Safety Specialist (CPSS), Certified Legal Nurse Investigator (CLNI), Certified Forensic Criminal Evidence Analyst (FCEA), and Expert of Medical Legal Specialties(EMLS). She also founded the International and American Association of the Legal Nurse Industry (IAALNI).

  • Creator and Instructor for the LNC STAT course and several other medical legal courses.
  • Author of over 50 medical legal books and manuals.
  • Currently Practicing Legal Nurse Consultant: Learn tools and techniques she utilizes in her own successful Legal Nurse practice, so you know they are effective.
  • Industry Leader in effective Legal Nurse Consulting techniques, Legal Nurse marketing, and success of her Legal Nurse clients.
  • Available for Unlimited Mentoring: She personally helps you with with any problem you may have. If she is not available, her well-trained and qualified experts on staff are always glad to help.
  • Not an Attorney: This is actually a positive quality. Why would an attorney need to teach Legal Nurse Consulting? Shouldn't they be practicing law? Are they just using their status to sell courses? Veronica has found great success as a Legal Nurse Consultant without going to law school. She can show you how to do the same.