The Best Advice a Nurse Can Receive

Monday, February 27, 2017

The Best Advice a Nurse Can Receive

Your nursing expertise is very valuable. It isn't just valuable to you. Its value extends to your employer and, most importantly, to patients who need your help. Unfortunately, many nurses forget exactly how valuable it is. In a healthcare industry held together by nurses, it is ironic that those nurses must often endure the harshest conditions and treatment. Unreasonable management, disrespectful doctors, very long hours, demanding workloads, and hazardous working conditions are all too common. Each nurse copes with these situations differently. Many accept it as a reality of nursing, while others don't take it so lightly. Either way, there will be a point in almost every nurse's career where they will question their reason for being there. For every nurse who has reached that point, and for every nurse who hasn't reached it yet but will eventually, there is some great advice you should remember.


1. Don't become content.

Most nursing schools do a good job of preparing the nurse for what problems to expect and how to cope with them. Nevertheless, many nurses end up in working situations that are unreasonable and unsafe. Some will choose to accept that as nursing and decide to just live with it. That is where they go wrong. Don't accept your situation if you are not truly happy. When you become content, you are making the choice to lower your self-confidence, degrade your self-worth, devalue your expertise, and set yourself up for possible injury.


2. Don't settle for good enough.

The healthcare culture is structured to provide nurses with many opportunities to feel like their place is good enough. You may feel like your salary, your job, and your expertise are all good enough. Good enough isn't that bad if you are paying your bills and supporting your family. However, many nurses get so used to the good enough mentality that they don't realize they deserve more, and have the ability to achieve it if they want it. If you want more than good enough, would you feel like you deserve it? You should, especially after all the sacrifice nurses make for others.


3. Don't lose your fire.

When you first started as a nurse, you probably had a drive, an excitement, and a desire that was defined and obvious. Do you feel like you still have that fire about nursing? Has the excitement and adrenaline rush turned mundane? It is okay if it has. It is common for people to lose their fire when they become very comfortable with something. If you feel like you have mastered all the aspects of your job and specialty, and if a job that would be exciting for most people becomes mundane and mindless for you, then you may have lost your fire. You are in need of a new challenge. Even if you don't think you want it, a new challenge will help you to better yourself, expand your knowledge, and progress your career.


The solution to these problems.

The fact is, nurses are awesome. They are the glue for the healthcare system, no matter how bad or good it may be. Nurses are very important. Don't think otherwise. For that reason, nurses have the right to think about themselves sometimes. Don't feel guilty in doing so. You have earned it. Make the conscious decision to expand your career, tackle a new challenge, go after a higher paying opportunity, and seek exciting now opportunities. Your life and career will be as unsatisfying and disappointing as you choose to make it. Do what makes you happy.


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