How to Be Completely Satisfied With Your Nursing Career

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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If you feel like you are missing something or are looking for more in your Nursing career, you are not the only one. Most people choose Nursing because they seek a satisfying career that has the potential for good, long-term income and many advancement opportunities. The desire to help people is motivating and exciting for most new Nurses.

After working in the healthcare field for a while, many Nurses begin to see the negative side of Nursing. Sometimes, that negative side manifests itself into the form of burnout or injury, preventing the Nurse from working the bedside, and forcing them to seek other career options. This forces the Nurse to find the answer to one main question: How do I continue to find the satisfaction of helping people while avoiding the negatives of nursing? If you can find the answer to that question, your satisfaction with your career will increase dramatically.

In a survey released in May of 2017 by CareerBuilder, 70% of Nurses say they feel burned out in their current job. The survey also said that 85% percent of nurses say that they would be open to a new job if they came across the right opportunity. The high stress level and burnout is no surprise when you consider that Nurses are often handling life or death situations. However, this survey highlights a much bigger problem. When we compare those survey results to a decade ago, we see a substantial increase. A survey conducted in 2007 and published in the National Institutes of Health shows that only 34% of Nurses claimed to feel burned out.

While it is clear that Nurse burnout is a serious problem, very little is being done, and many administrations are making the problem worse. It has become obvious to many working nurses that administrations enjoy complaining about a nursing shortage, but refuse to pay their best Nurses what they are worth. While it may seem a little hypocritical, administrations are often forced into a corner by increasing expenses, overpowering insurance companies, unreasonable governmental demands, and exorbitant pharmaceutical costs. Until the whole healthcare system receives a complete overhaul, this problem will linger, and Nurses will be caught in the middle since they are the backbone of healthcare.

Upon facing the side effects of this realization, many Nurses have made the decision to find other career options where they are paid what they are worth, and are not exposed to unnecessarily hazardous work atmospheres. They begin the arduous journey of finding a career option that pays well, offers the continued satisfaction of helping people, utilizes their current expertise, and requires less physical or emotional demands.

There are many alternative career options for nurses, but one stands out because it meets all the needs of the Nurse. Additionally, it allows the Nurse to start at their own pace, decide how much they want to work, set their own schedule, work from home, and have more freedom. If you are burned out, are afraid of being injured, or have already been injured and can no longer work the bedside, an excellent career option for you to consider is Legal Nurse Consulting. You have probably already heard of this option. However, this version of Legal Nurse Consulting is much different from what you may know, because it is from LNC STAT.

With LNC STAT you can learn everything you need to utilize your medical expertise to earn great income reviewing and interpreting medical records in legal cases. The difference between LNC STAT and other programs is the results. A much higher percentage of LNC STAT graduates are able to earn money as Legal Nurses, when compared to other programs. These better results are due to a more modern and effective curriculum, and a more personalized approach to learning. LNC STAT is dedicated to ensuring that every one of its Nurses have all the necessary tools and know exactly what to do to earn a great income as Legal Nurses. Other Legal Nurse programs donít have the same focus.

The fact is, most Nurses are unable to work the bedside for their entire career. Some decide to expand their careers, while others are suddenly forced to find other options because of unexpected injury. Donít allow yourself to be stuck in an unexpected situation. Start planning now so you can learn at a comfortable pace. Begin your Legal Nurse Consulting training and work towards the next exciting phase in your Nursing career.



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