Expert Advice for the Nurse Who Deserves More

Monday, July 24, 2017

Expert Advice for the Nurse Who Deserves More

Many Nurses are unaware exactly how much potential their nursing career offers. They donít understand how truly valuable their nursing expertise really is. If they are aware, they often donít know how to pursue and demand what they deserve. While the pay and benefits can sometimes be pretty good, most Nurses choose this career because they want to help people and make a difference. Very few other professions can offer the same type of satisfaction. In exchange for their desire to help, most Nurses are forced to work ridiculous hours in often dangerous or illegal working conditions. The fact is, Nurses deserve more reward for their sacrifice. Since administrations and management have made it clear that they are going to take advantage for as long as they can, it becomes the responsibility of the Nurse to demand what they deserve. They need to know that they have some excellent career options that will allow them to do so.

For the past 15 years, Veronica Castellana has been an expert at helping Nurses expand their nursing careers. She knows first-hand that your nursing career can suddenly and unexpectedly be pulled out from under you. Before she started helping Nurses, she was an Emergency Department Nurse and absolutely loved her job. Everything changed for her the day she had an anaphylactic reaction while working her shift. The Nurse suddenly became the patient. She knew exactly what was wrong. She had seen the signs, but chose to ignore them. She disguised the skin rashes with antihistamines and was in denial that anything was wrong. On that day, it caught up with her. Her body reached its threshold, and she became hypersensitive to Latex. Recently, Latex has not been an issue in hospitals. But, back then, it was everywhere. Thanks to the LPN she was working with, she survived. But, that was just the beginning of her battle.

Hospital management refused to acknowledge that she had become allergic to Latex, but they also refused to clear her to continue working. While her condition was an obvious result of overexposure to the Latex products at her job, she was refused Workersí Compensation. She was left with two young children, a new home mortgage, and no income. Because she had only been in the medical field for five years, she did not foresee the need to prepare for the future. She was stuck.

In general, Veronicaís story is not unique. Many other Nurses are forced into similar situations. Whether they feel stuck in an unfavorable working situation, or they are forced to leave nursing because if injury, they learn the hard way that they should have prepared for the future better. The point of Veronicaís story is that, in the end, most Nurses will have to fend for themselves. A nursing career includes a certain underlying fragility that most Nurses donít learn about until they have a few years of experience. While Nurses are so focused on helping others, they often forget to help themselves. It is essential that every Nurse protect themselves for unexpected contingencies that the future may hold.

There are many unique options in your nursing career. If you are a Nurse who has not yet experienced a career threatening event, there are many career paths that do not require you to leave your current working situation. You can do them on the side, ease your way into them, or just keep them for when you need them. This gives you the chance to prepare at your own pace. There are also many options that allow you to jump right into something new, right when you need it.

When Veronica was suddenly forced to find a new career path, the option she chose was Legal Nurse Consulting. Unfortunately, she quickly learned that this option was not as easy as it seemed. She took the popular certification at the time and tried to utilize what she learned. After struggling to secure any cases and earn any income, she came to the realization that the training she received was insufficient and ineffective. After much trial and error, she finally developed her own system that allowed her to find long-term Legal Nurse success. She found that Legal Nurse Consulting was the perfect option because Nurses could earn great income, set her own schedule so they could spend more time with their family, and receive great respect from professionals who understood the value of their expertise. She had seen the potential that the Legal Nurse industry had to offer, and she knew that many Nurses needed it as an option, but she knew that it needed to be taught better. From that point on, Veronica made it her mission to help Nurses who had been forced out of nursing like she had. She wanted to help by offering them a comprehensive, effective, and legitimate Legal Nurse Consulting certification that Nurses could rely on for future long-term income. The LNC STAT course was born.

When you look online, you can find a surplus of negative comments about Legal Nurse Consulting. The comments are representative of the individual training organizations, not the field. There are no universal standards for Legal Nurse Consulting. So, each organization offers their own training and methods, many of which are not very effective. To make this a legitimate long-term source of income, youíll need more comprehensive and effective training and methods like those offered by Veronicaís LNC STAT course.

Fast forward to 15 years later and LNC STAT has the highest success rate in the industry. Nurses who are planning their career, and Nurses looking for a quick career path to transition to have both found Legal Nurse Consulting with LNC STAT to be an excellent career option.

If you are a Nurse who is still working clinically, donít discredit yourself. If you are not receiving the respect or safe working conditions you deserve, donít feel bad if you want to do something for yourself. If you have already been forced out of clinical nursing, it probably isnít your fault. Donít feel alone and stranded when you possess medical expertise that is irreplaceable. Put that expertise to work in other areas. It is very possible to find the satisfaction of patient advocacy while enjoying a working situation that benefits you.

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