8 Reasons You Should Attend the ALNC Regional Conference in Tampa

Monday, July 10, 2017

ALNC Regional Conference - Tampa

If Legal Nurse success is what you want, then you should seriously consider attending an ALNC Regional Conference. If you havenít done so yet, your first step is to begin working on the ALNC Certification home study course. That certification will give you all the tools and training you need to put your valuable medical expertise to work in the legal field. Once you complete the home study, you may decide that you need some extra help or practice. You can attend a live ALNC Regional Conference for that. There are eight exclusive benefits of attending:

1. Veronica Will Be There

If you like practicing Legal Nurses who can show you their own secrets to Legal Nurse success, get you motivated, and help you build your confidence, then you will want to meet Veronica Castellana. Work directly with her at the live Regional Conference and see exactly why she is the expert you need on your side.

2. Ryan Will Be There Too

Almost as awesome as Veronica Castellana, is Ryan Sanchez. He is the resident computer and marketing expert. Work with him to address any problems you have with computers, marketing, and more!

3. Learn Hands-On and Practice Common Problems

Many ALNCs encounter the same common problems when they first get started. Some of those problems include using your computer to make impressive reports, getting past the gatekeeper, knowing what to say to the attorney to secure the case, using contracts to ensure that you bill properly and get paid for your work, and understanding how to secure more cases from your past clients. Get extra practice on these topics and other key components.

4. Ask Questions

Bring your questions and have them answered in person. We ensure that they are all answered by the time the Regional Conference is over.

5. Become Motivated

When starting your Legal Nurse career, you may find yourself looking for reasons to avoid getting your ALNC business started. Donít feel bad if you are. That reaction is common. You may just need some motivation to get started. Veronica can help you find the motivation you need to stop procrastinating.

6. Build Your Confidence

Lack of self-confidence is another reason why many new Legal nurses avoid getting started. This is very common because the challenge involved in transitioning from over-worked Nurse into independent consultant may seem daunting at first. Luckily, lack of self-confidence can easily be cured. By practicing the skills you need in person, and ensuring that you know exactly what has to be done to find Legal Nurse success, your confidence in your ability will automatically begin to increase.

7. Network with Other ALNCs

Build personal and professional relationships with other great Advanced Legal Nurse Consultants (ALNCs) who have completed the same comprehensive training. Their support will be invaluable, both as you begin working cases, and later on down the road. Make a connection with ALNCs who may need your help on future cases, and start building your list of go-to subcontractors that you may need for when you get a case that is outside of your realm of specialties.

8. Take Some Time Off

After working hard on your ALNC Certification, a little down time for yourself is well deserved. Take some time to unwind and see what Tampa has to offer. Visit some of the best beaches in the Unites States. Imagine yourself overlooking the Gulf of Mexico while running your feet through the fine white sand and absorbing the soothing sounds of the waves. A 30 minute drive can lead you to beaches that were ranked Top 5 in the USA by The Travel Channel. Bring your family or just take some time for yourself!

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