5 Easy Ways to Conquer Your Fear of Legal Nurse Success

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Conquering Your  Fear of Legal Nurse Success

Fear of success is felt by many beginning Legal Nurses. Whether they have already finished their Legal Nurse training, or have not gotten started yet, the fear of success can completely derail a budding Legal Nurse career. It is caused by fear of the unknown, uncertainty in your abilities, and fear of failure. It prevents you from taking the steps to get started, and stops you from completing what you started. If you think you may be suffering from this, donít feel bad. Itís perfectly natural. You just have to realize that itís holding you back, and follow some simple steps to overcome it.

1) Have Confidence in your Nursing Ability

Many Nurses donít really understand just how valuable their expertise really is. As a Legal Nurse, your medical expertise is what you will be hired for, and what your clients will need most from you. Your expertise will allow you to offer much more thorough medical record reviews at a fraction of the cost of doctors. While a nice report is helpful during a case, pretty much anyone can make a report. Very few people have the expertise that Nurses possess. Have confidence in your knowledge.

2) Find your Motivation and Use It

Every human action has an underlying motivation behind it. It can be something involuntary, or a conscious decision. It can be a short-term, or long-term motivation. So, when you are setting the goal of expanding your nursing career into Legal Nurse Consulting, you will need to find your motivation, and use it as fuel to achieve your goals. Some common reasons Nurses get into Legal Nurse Consulting are: for more income, to dedicate more time to family, to get out of a dangerous or draining working situation, or for a long-term career option that isnít so physically demanding. While those motivations are great, it often helps if you set more specific personalized goals to use as motivation. For example, wanting to home school a child, to be more available for a family member in need, to buy or upgrade a house, or to have extra income to pay for a childís college. No matter what motivation you choose, the key is to ensure that it will give you the fuel to work towards your goal. The only thing left is to put it to work.

3) Set Small and Large Goals

Goals are what you should use to ensure that you are constantly motivated. It is important to have both small goals and large goals. Smalls goals are good to help you feel like you are making some progress. You can have small goals for the day, week, or month. When you achieve enough small goals, you will get closer to reaching your large goals. Those large goals should be your ultimate goals; what you want to achieve in the end. Take the time to determine your goals and keep a list if you need to, so you can mark your goals as you achieve them. When you accomplish a goal you are proud of, donít feel bad in rewarding yourself!

4) Choose the Right Training and Give it a Chance

If you havenít started your training yet, it is imperative that you choose a Legal Nurse certification course that is comprehensive, current, and effective. You need a course that can give you all the tools you need and show you exactly what to do to transition your career into Legal Nurse Consulting. Most programs cannot do this like LNC STAT. When your training gives you everything you need, you become confident that you are prepared for whatever you may face, and the fear of success will not hold you back. Once you finish your training, it is important that you put your new expertise to work and give it a chance. Follow the system and give an honest effort. You may surprise yourself!

If you took a course other than LNC STAT and you put it to work, but didnít achieve the results you were expecting, it may not be your fault. Most other Legal Nurse programs fall short when it comes to ensuring that their Legal Nurses are properly prepared. Donít blame yourself, donít think that the industry is saturated, donít make excuses, and donít give up. Complete more comprehensive training like LNC STAT and try again.

5) Remember that Everything New Can Be a Challenge

Many beginner Legal Nurses are intimidated by the thought of their first case. They complete their training but never put it to work. They dedicate all that time and money, but give up right before crossing the finishing line. They forget that everything new can be a challenge, and that everything becomes easy after that they have done it for a while.

No matter how good your training is, your first case will be intimidating because it is something new. Donít let that stop you. Trust in your training and overcome. Just remember that it is no different than any other time you have analyzed medical records. Youíre just doing it for an attorney now. Most of all, donít forget what Veronica says: ďYou cannot succeed if at first you have not failed.Ē

Donít let the fear of success prevent you from getting started. Stop procrastinating and start now.

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