Legal Nurse Consultant News: Why the World Needs More Nurses like Nina Pham

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Why the World Needs More Nurses like Nina Pham
Nina Pham is a very important nurse. If you are a nurse and do not know who she is, then you should learn about her. Nina is important because she is taking a stand. She is not allowing herself to be abused or victimized by the healthcare system. She is refusing to be just another dispensable nurse. She has decided to stand strong against the intimidation placed upon her by healthcare conglomerates. She is forcing the medical system to be accountable for their neglectful actions. Whether she knows it or not, she is positioning herself as a symbol of hope for all nurses.

Nina Pham is the first nurse to contract Ebola while treating the first U.S. Ebola patient. While she survived, she still suffers from side effects from the experimental treatment. In her opinion, she would have never contracted the virus if her employer had supplied her with the proper training and medical equipment for the known medical crisis. As most nurses would agree, with the proper medical protocol and equipment, the spread of Ebola is easily preventable in medical facilities. Must nurses would also agree that Nina's case is inexcusable on the part of her employer. Their failure to ensure that Nina was able to protect herself, has caused her pain and suffering that will last indefinitely.

What often happens in Nina's situation is that the hospital system bullies and intimidates the nurse into submission, forcing them to keep quiet about the situation. While many other nurses would cower in fear and allow this to happen, Nina is different. What makes her different is her willingness to fight for her rights. Nina has decided to stand up against the conglomerate organization that owns her hospital, and sue for physical pain and mental anguish, medical expenses, and loss of future earnings.

The healthcare industry has made a common practice of providing sub-standard and illegal work environments, requiring their nurses to endure those dangerous situations, and then leaving the nurses to fend for themselves if they get injured. They do this because nurses allow them to do it. Nurses should be praised for placing themselves in harm's way, and enduring these tough conditions for the welfare of the patient. At the same time, they can also be ridiculed for allowing themselves to be placed in bad situations that are preventable in the first place.

Whether she knows it or not, Nina is an example of how all nurses should act. More nurses need to hold their employers accountable for their shortfalls and failures. Healthcare organizations often feel that they can get away with their heinous and irresponsible behavior because they know that for every nurse who leaves their staff, there are several others who will fill the position, no matter how bad the conditions. This is where nurses need to stand together. It is up to nurses to know the standards and to force their employers to adhere to them. If all nurses do this, then their working environments will improve. It is a responsibility not only to themselves and other nurses, but to their patients as well.

Veronica Castellana, RN MARKET owner and creator of the LNC STAT course, suffered through a situation similar to Nina's. She was forced out of her dream job because of her employer's failure to protect her in her working environment. She was intimidated and abused into submission so that the hospital was not held accountable. She was devastated. She never had the strength or support to take on the hospital and hold them accountable like Nina is doing. However, she found another way to stand up for herself and for nurses everywhere, Legal Nurse Consulting. As an Expert of Medical Legal Specialties (EMLS), she uses her medical expertise to work on legal cases that involve medical malpractice. She helps ensure that others who suffer from healthcare negligence receive the compensation they deserve, and she strives to help those who are ready to hold the large healthcare organizations responsible for their actions.

If you are a nurse who is fed up with your working conditions and is ready to make a change, then Legal Nurse Consulting may be for you. As an Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant (ALNC) or an Expert of Medical Legal Specialties (EMLS), you can continue to help those in need, while providing essential medical expertise in medical malpractice lawsuits and many other types of cases. You can make a difference in the medical field and get paid well for it, without placing yourself at risk for harm or injury. You deserve this opportunity, since there is a good chance that you have endured a situation similar to Nina Pham's. Change will happen when all nurses band together and stand up for themselves, and Legal Nurse Consulting is a great way to get that started.

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