Legal Nurse News: Why Nurses Should Be THANKING The View

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Legal Nurses Should Thank The View
By now, almost every nurse has heard about the drama that ensued on The View TV show. While Joy Behar and her friends on The View were busy mocking the women of the Miss America pageant, they managed to insult the livelihood, dedication, scrubs, and stethoscopes of every nurse in the United States. In unexpected but epic fashion, the nurses united against the girls of The View to make it clear that their comments were way out of line. The backlash was so substantial that seven major organizations removed their sponsorships from the show. Overlooking the fact that the entire segment was mean-spirited and the only goal was to down the accomplishments of other women, let's pay more attention to the topic that the girls of The View accidentally brought to the surface and why these events have had a positive outcome.

It's no secret that nurses have a long-standing reputation of fighting amongst themselves. While a few bad eggs can ruin the nurse's reputation for everyone, the phrase "eating their young" is sometimes all too accurate when speaking about some nurses. However, when The View stumbled onto the topic of nursing and began to ridicule the nurse competing in the Miss America pageant, something special happened. Nurses came together in a movement like never before in the nursing community. They united to defend one of their own, and to battle a topic that they are all disgruntled about: nurse appreciation. They wanted everyone to know that nurses are heroes, they make great sacrifices for others, and do not receive the respect they deserve. The dedication of nurses is unparalleled, and that is what they want to be known for, not the regretful acts of a few. It was a message that should have been spread a long time ago.

The girls on The View obviously had no clue what they were getting themselves into. In a segment where the obvious intent was to degrade women, they instead stumbled into a topic that has been waiting to explode onto the scene for a very long time. The View's comments were worse than they could possibly understand. Nurse appreciation is not the only social issue that nurses must face on a regular basis. The lack of gender equality in the medical field is a constant battle for many nurses. Since the segment mocked women and nurses at the same time, it went against everything that nurses stood for. With the help of social media, nurses finally had the opportunity to have their voices heard, and they finally had an audience who was willing to listen. The public was listening, the media was listening, and big companies were listening. As much as nurses may hate The View for what they said, they must thank them for giving nurses such a huge platform where their voices can be heard, and thank them for giving nurses a reason to unite.

Now that the voices of nurses have been heard, and American society has shown its support, it is imperative that nurses continue on this positive pathway to change. Can we continue this trend of togetherness? Never before have nurses banded together in such a dominant way. Now that nurses are united, they must stay united as one healthy body. These events prove that it can be done if nurses are inspired. The topics of nurse appreciation and gender equality should be plenty to keep nurses inspired and working together for change.

Thank you Joy Behar, Michelle Collins, Whoopi Goldberg, and The View for being so clueless and mean. It woke up all the nurses, exposed a topic that the public needed to hear, and provided the opportunity nurses needed to be heard. Even though The View has done its best to regress the battle of gender equality, a positive outcome has resulted. America had the chance to show appreciation for its hard-working and dedicated nurses, and it was wonderful.

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