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Monday, September 10, 2007

Anyone who uses an email account knows what email spam is. Unfortunately, email spam has become a part of our everyday lives. Even though most people know what email spam is, most don't know where it comes from and how to prevent it.Your email account will start to collect spam when spam companies or spam computers obtain your email address through different methods. A lot of times, the user of the email account has given their information to the spam companies without knowing. Unfortunately, there is no way to track who is gaining access to your email information. However, there are ways to prevent spam from finding your email account.The most well known method of preventing spam is to use a spam blocker to check your email. These work well a lot of times. However, depending on the spam blocker you use, the spam blocker may block emails that you don't want blocked. So, you don't want it set too sensitive. Pretty much, every online email company (e.g. Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc.) have their own spam blocker built into your account. You can usually adjust the sensitivity through your account. If you are using Outlook to receive your email, you should have spam blocker built in there as well. Check your email account to see what spam blocking options you have The spam blocker is your first line of defense against spam. However, there are ways that spam can be prevented from ever getting to your email account. One way to keep control of the amount of the spam you get is to only give your email information to companies and Web sites following privacy policies. Many Web sites and companies, like RN MARKET, follow strict privacy policies that ensure you that they will be the only ones using your contact information. Other companies may not follow privacy policies and may be selling your contact information to other companies. You can also control where the spam goes by keeping a couple of different email accounts. For example, if you have a business email, only use it for business. Do not use that account for online purchases or mailing lists unless the company follows a strict privacy policy. If you keep your business email account for use only with your clients and business, the spam will not be able to find you. You can have another email account that you can designate as the personal or spam email account. You would use this account when making online purchases and doing other functions online that require you to give your personal information to Web sites you may not trust. You do still have to go through this spam account once in a while so it doesn't fill up.Email spam has become a regular annoyance in our everyday life. However, if you play it smart, it won't become too much of a problem for you.

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