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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why Become a CLNI? To Acheive the Next Level of the Legal Nurse Profession.

Many times hospitals and medical organizations cover-up the errors in a medical record. Either a hospital doctor, nurse, or other employee who was working on a patient may cover-up or hide documents, medication errors, or they may replace medical records to avoid taking responsibility for mistakes. A CLNI possesses the specialized and advanced training required to investigate the medical record and locate any tampering, fraud or negligence. A Certified Legal Nurse Investigator must complete detailed training and complete the required amount of hands-on practice with the medical records contained in the course before being able to investigate the medical records effectively. Many times, experts review cases and don't have the training or ability to notice when records have been tampered with. Therefore, many organizations get away with covering up malpractice without ever getting caught. Do you want to make a difference? The CLNI certification is a great place to start.

What Makes a CLNI Different From a LNC?

Many legal nurse courses, including the LNC STAT course, contain some basic training in the areas of medical record tampering and fraud. In reality, these areas demand much more training to effectively detect potential fraud and tampering in medical records. This is why the CLNI certification is essential for your legal nurse practice.

The CLNI has the ability to not only review and investigate the medical records, but they can also investigate health care facilities. This gives the CLNI the advantage because they can actually go into a facility and make sure all record handling is done correctly. They can also go into the facility to investigate why a set of records may have been tampered with. This makes the CLNI different from the LNC because the LNC can only review the medical records. The CLNI certification will add a whole new realm to your legal nurse practice.

SAVE $1000

Next CLNI Certifiction Course is Scheduled for May 12-15, 2009 in Tampa, FL. Save $1000 if you have taken any Legal Nurse Consulting course. Reserve your seats now!

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