Legal Nurse Consulting background


This guide offers some initial information about Legal Nurse Consulting and then helps you decide what direction you should take your Legal Nurse Consulting career.

It takes less than 5 minutes!

Legal Nurse Consulting background

A Legal Nurse Consultant

is a nurse who uses their medical expertise to review, interpret, and analyze medical records in legal cases.

Legal Nurse Consulting background

The Demand for
Legal Nurse Consultants

While a medical expert should represent the medical records in every case, this does not always happen. Most legal cases involving medical records do not have a qualified medical expert reviewing them. Therefore, the need for your expertise is existent. As long as there are medical records used in legal cases, the demand for Legal Nurse Consultants will be high.

Legal Nurse Consulting background

Continue to Help People
While Earning Better Pay and Being Treated with More Respect

Never forget why you became a nurse in the first place. A career in Legal Nurse Consulting can be very satisfying because it offers you the opportunity to continue helping people in need, even though you may no longer be working in a clinical capacity. Your expertise can help attorneys offer higher quality legal representation to those who have suffered injuries or malpractice. You can help them receive the compensation they deserve and need to survive.

Legal Nurse Consulting background

When starting as a Legal Nurse Consultant, you get to choose between the following career paths:

Find a Job as
an "In-House"
Legal Nurse

Start Your Own
Independent Legal
Nurse Practice

Let's quickly compare each option.

Legal Nurse Consulting background

When Getting A Job
As An In-House Legal Nurse Consultant

  • You will work full or part time in a law firm, insurance company, managed care organization, or any other organization in need of medical record review.
  • You will work regularly in a traditional office atmosphere where you report to a supervisor.
  • You will earn $20-$80 per hour.
  • Sometimes benefits are available.
Legal Nurse Consulting background

When Starting Your Own Legal Nurse Practice

  • Secure your own cases and work wherever you want.
  • Work on your own schedule and be your own boss.
  • Earn $125-$200 per hour to consult, $300-$500 per hour to act as an expert witness.
  • Have more time for family and your personal life.
Legal Nurse Consulting background

Now that we have compared your options

Which of these options will fit you and your Legal Nurse Consulting goals?

Legal Nurse Consulting background

Other Things to Consider
When Pursuing a Career as an
Independent Legal Nurse Consultant:

  • You must be willing to market and go out to find cases.
  • You have to be able to motivate yourself and have the drive to pursue your goals.
  • You must be confident in your experience and knowledge.
  • You must not give up easily.
Legal Nurse Consulting background

If you do not have any or all of these qualities now, are you willing to learn them?

Legal Nurse Consulting background

As long as you are willing to learn and put your newfound knowledge to work, real independent Legal Nurse success is well within reach.

Legal Nurse Consulting background

You will need the

Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant (ALNC) Certification

to start your own successful independent practice.

Legal Nurse Consulting background

The ALNC certification includes everything you need to know about starting a successful Legal Nurse practice. That includes:

  • Finding and securing the cases
  • Working the cases from start to finish
  • Using your computer to create impressive reports
  • Presenting the completed cases effectively
  • Getting paid for the cases
  • Securing more cases
  • And much more
Legal Nurse Consulting background

Long-Term Success

All you have to do is put the system to work and you can achieve a sustaining and reliable flow of cases that offer you a reliable and fantastic income that most people can only dream of.

Legal Nurse Consulting background

Success Rate

Advanced Legal Nurse Consultants achieve the highest success rate in the Legal Nurse industry. Of the nurses who earn the ALNC certification, and put the system and marketing to work, an estimated 95% have secured at least one case.

Legal Nurse Consulting background

How does this all sound to you?

Legal Nurse Consulting background

It Sounds Like You’re Ready to Make the Transformation

From fed-up nurse, to successful and respected RN business owner. Click the Next button below for more information about the Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant Certification.

Legal Nurse Consulting background

It sounds like you will be more comfortable finding a full or part time job, rather than starting your own practice.

In that case, you will need the
Legal Nurse Associate (LNA)

For more info about the LNA certification, click Next. Otherwise, click Back to continue learning about starting your own Legal Nurse practice.

Legal Nurse Consulting background

You you will need the
Legal Nurse Associate (LNA)
certification to learn the skills you need to find a full or part time Legal Nurse job.

Legal Nurse Consulting background

Included with the LNA Certification:

  • Comprehensive training designed specifically for "In-House" Legal Nurse Associates
  • Job Hunting Guide
  • Resume Writing Service
  • And much more

The More Details button below will take you out of this guide and drop you at the Legal Nurse Associate (LNA) Certification page.

Legal Nurse Consulting background

We Agree!!!

It all does sound a little unbelievable. We have more information that can help you out...

Legal Nurse Consulting background

The First and Only

Case Guarantee

The ALNC certification is the only course comprehensive enough to guarantee that you will get a case. If you do not get a case after implementing the system, you will get additional training at no additional cost.

Legal Nurse Consulting background

Nurses everywhere are already earning $125-$300 per hour as Advanced Legal Nurse Consultants.

Click the button below to see what other nurses have said about the success they have found with the LNC STAT course.

You can also give us a call at 866-933-2562 and we can put some of our past clients in contact with you to see what they have to say.

Legal Nurse Consulting background

It’s okay if this all seems a little intimidating. It is a big transition to make.

Legal Nurse Consulting background

Many nurses have a hard time transitioning from the “unappreciated” backbone of the medical field, to an independent and self-confident business owner who will demand the respect they deserve.

Legal Nurse Consulting background

Confidence is Key

It is imperative that you break down your barriers and find confidence in your medical knowledge, your experience, and yourself.

Legal Nurse Consulting background

Don't Worry!
Most People Are Not Born With It

Luckily, if you are lacking some of this confidence, it can always be learned. The LNC STAT course does a great job of teaching you exactly what you need to know and gives you the opportunity to practice these new skills hands-on and interactively. With the practice and coaching available to you, the confidence will come automatically.

Legal Nurse Consulting background

Set your goals.
Decide What You Want to Achieve.

If a long-term career as a successful legal nurse is what you really want, the ALNC certification is the way to go. Don’t allow fear of failure or negativity from anyone around you hold you back. Accept the challenge and rise above it to achieve.

Legal Nurse Consulting background

Find What Motivates You

Use that motivation to fuel you while working to achieve your goal. Motivation and desire can be much more powerful than a lack of confidence and a fear of failure. You just have to focus on your goals and focus on being positive.

Legal Nurse Consulting background

It's Time For A Decision:
Are you ready to start building your confidence and transforming your life with the ALNC Certification?

Click the Yes button to view more info about the ALNC Certification. Click the No button if you would rather view more information about finding a full or part time job as a Legal Nurse Associate(LNA)?

Legal Nurse Consulting background

It sounds like you may need an easy introduction before choosing a direction. Our Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) certificate can give you this. If you are serious about getting started and would rather skip the easy introduction, click Back to continue choosing a direction. Otherwise, click Next for more info about our introductory certificate course.